Ukrainian crisis: US withdraws last troops from Ukraine / British withdraws / Russia continues to expel diplomats / Zhelensky calls for peace

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told the AFP on Saturday that the United States had ordered the withdrawal of 160 U.S. troops who had been training Ukrainian forces to “relocate elsewhere in Europe.”

Ukraine threatened by Russian invasionPhoto: Samuel Coram / Getty Images / Profimedia

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has decided to “consider security and mission safety” against Florida National Guard troops, with Washington saying Friday that the Russian invasion of Ukraine could “occur at any time.”

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17:32 MFA raises alert level for Ukraine / essential embassy staff will be withdrawn

16:16 Lavrov accuses US of conducting a “propaganda campaign” about possible Russian occupation

15:31 Ukrainian president condemns warnings of Russian invasion

14:30 Britain withdraws troops from Ukraine, tells its citizens to leave immediately: Do not expect military withdrawal like in Afghanistan

14:21 The United States is withdrawing some of its diplomatic staff from Ukraine

13:00Ukraine calls for Vienna agreement and seeks official explanation from Russia / What is a risk mitigation mechanism

Britain withdraws its troops from Ukraine and sends its citizens to evacuate immediately

Junior Defense Minister James Heppy told Sky News on Saturday that British citizens who want to stay in Ukraine should not expect a military withdrawal in the event of a confrontation with Russia.

British citizens must leave Ukraine immediately As they saw the possibility of a military withdrawal with Afghanistan in the summer, it should not be expected in all possible ways, “he said.

Ukrainian president condemns warnings of Russian invasion

U.S. warnings about an immediate Russian attack on Ukraine “cause panic and do not help,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky was quoted by Interfax-Ukraine on Saturday, AFP as saying.

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“Right now our enemy’s best friend is panicking in our country. All of this information only causes panic (about the attack) and will not help us, “Zhelensky said during a visit to the country.

The United States warned on Friday that a Russian invasion of Ukraine was imminent.

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