Ukrainian secret services found 1,000-year-old monastery in Kiev raided by Russians for vandalism

Russian citizens were found in monasteries of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church affiliated with the Moscow Patriarchate searched by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), which announced on Wednesday that tens of thousands of dollars and “pro-Russian literature” were confiscated during the raids. “From there, AFP reported.

It is “pro-Russian literature, used for reading in seminaries and parochial schools, including the propaganda of the Russian world”.

According to Agerpres, Vladimir Putin used this ideological concept of the “Russian world”, which compares the borders between countries in the name of a community united around the Russian language, to justify the attack on Ukraine in particular.

The SBU also claims that the raided monasteries contained “more than two million hryvnias (about $55,000), plus $100,000 and thousands of rubles.”

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The search was conducted at the famous Lavra Becherska (Lavry of the Caves) Orthodox monastery in Kiev, the main headquarters of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church affiliated with the Moscow Patriarchate, and two other monasteries of the same church in northwestern Ukraine. Suspected of links with Moscow.

“In this operation to combat illegal activities against the Ukrainian state (…), more than 350 religious buildings and 850 people were completely controlled”, and 50 of them were “subjected to in-depth counterintelligence investigations”. Being Russian citizens, the SBU explained.

The press service of the Moscow Patriarchate qualified this action by the Ukrainian authorities as an “act of intimidation” against Ukrainian believers.

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Author: Marco Padea

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