Ukrainians remove Olga “Korza” Kachura, one of the founders of separatist militias in Donbass / she was a colonel in DPR

They announce that the Ukrainian armed forces have eliminated Olga “Korza” Kachura, one of the founders of the pro-Russian militia that fueled the 2014 separatist uprising in Donetsk, Donbass. Newspaper From Russia.

Olga “Korza” Kachura is one of the stars of pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk.Photo: Twitter

Kachura was the commander of an artillery rocket division and held the rank of colonel in the “people’s army” of the Donetsk separatists. The mayor of Horlivka, a town captured by pro-Russian separatists, announced his death. During fights Since 2014.

It has been under the control of Russian-backed forces ever since. Before participating in the establishment of separatist militias, Kachura worked in the Donetsk Department of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“Today is a black day for Harlivka and the Republic. A brave and intelligent woman who was a member of the People’s Militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) died tragically. “Kachura Olga Sergeevna, the successful and indomitable “Korza” died tragically,” Mayor Ivan Prihotko announced on his channel. telegram.

Pro-Russian officials say Olga Kachura was killed in Ukrainian shelling of the city.

“Korza”, victim of Ukrainian bombings?

Members of Russia’s military community have accused Ukrainian forces of intensifying their artillery strikes in areas behind Russian borders since June 8. Igor Kirkin, a former separatist commander in eastern Ukraine, said at the time. Ukrainians would have attacked the cities of Harlivka and Makiivka.

Like Kirkin, nicknamed “Strelkov”, and Orson “Motorola” PavlovKachura is better known by his call sign “Korza” among pro-Russian separatists and the general public in Russia.

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On July 23 A powerful explosion occurred at an ammunition depot in Harlivka, but the details of the incident remain unclear. Pro-Russian separatists and Russian media regularly accuse the Ukrainian armed forces of bombing or rocketing residential areas, which have not been independently confirmed.

The removal of “Korza” was also announced by Ukrainian colonel Anatoly Stephan, who already noted in his characteristic style that he had “made a gesture of kindness” and was officially a reference to Kremlin propaganda.

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