UN President: Moldova has a large number of refugees in terms of Ukraine’s weakest neighbor and population.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday praised the efforts of the Republic of Moldova in the refugee crisis in Ukraine and expressed its support for it. The UN President thanked Moldova for its generosity and solidarity, describing Moldova’s actions as “examples of humanity.”

Guterres said the Republic of Moldova “is not yet a refugee country – but Ukraine’s weakest neighbor has a large number of refugees,” adding that Moldova needs massive support, including budget support. To maintain stability, Agerpres reports.

The UN Secretary-General has said that Moldova is at the forefront of peace and stability and hopes that political actors on both sides of the aisle will show enough maturity and responsibility to prevent escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

During a joint press conference between the two officials, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilida said she had discussed with a UN official how to manage the large influx of Ukrainian refugees into the territory of the Republic of Moldova and was looking forward to the money. Come soon with the United Nations.

Natalia Gavrilida said in the wake of the war in Ukraine that security agencies were vigilant not to admit that the situation in the Republic of Moldova was deteriorating.

He said the analysis points to a lower risk related to the possibility of escalating military conflict in the territory of the Republic of Moldova. “We use all diplomatic channels and forms of action to alleviate any tension and maintain peace and stability in the Republic of Moldova. If the analysis changes, we will communicate with the people through official channels,” said Natalia Gavrilida.

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Antonio Guterres stressed that violating the territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova is a violation of international law, which the UN has condemned.

UN Security Council calls for two-day visit to Moldova He met with Natalia Gavrilida, who on Tuesday will visit the Chisinau Refugee Center.

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