US HIMARS organizations arrive in Ukraine: “Summer will be hot for Russian occupiers. Last for some of them”

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said on Thursday that high-mobility artillery missile systems (HIMARS) had arrived in Ukraine from the United States.

HIMARS Multiple Rocket Launcher SystemPhoto: ABACA / Abaca Press / Profimedia

“Thanks to my colleague and US friend Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense for these powerful tools! Summer will be hot for the Russian occupiers. For some of them, it will be the last,” he said on Twitter.

The Ukrainians have long called for such organizations to use effective artillery and long-range Russian artillery to advance gradually over the Donbass.

A few weeks ago, the Americans said they were sending four M142 HIMARS high-powered artillery missile systems.

This system allows to launch multiple missiles that are guided with high precision. With the HIMARS system, the Ukrainians received ammunition and rockets capable of hitting a target 40 miles (64 km) away.

Rockets are idle and guided by GPS and have dual radius M777 Howitzers This is the U.S. They recently delivered Ukrainian Armed Forces.

HIMARS is a multi-missile missile system developed for the US military in the 1970s. It carries six 227 mm guided missiles or a pre-loaded capsule with a capsule mounted on a tactical missile.

Both Russia and Ukraine already operate MLRS systems, but the six missile version of HIMARS, sent to assist Kiev, was much improved with better range and accuracy.

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Ukraine has demanded about 300 such organizations. So far, the United States has donated only four Himalayas to Ukraine, but has not refused to provide more in the future.

Germany will send three such organizations separately to Ukraine, German Defense Minister Kristin Lambrecht said on Wednesday.

In early June, it was reported that the United Kingdom had asked the Americans for permission to ship US-made medium-range M270 launchers to Ukraine.


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