US prepares new military aid to Ukraine, including HIMARS systems, while Russia prepares region to annex Ukrainian territories – John Kirby

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the US will announce a new weapons package for Ukraine in the coming days. The new package includes several Himars missile launch systems and missiles, Reuters reported.

Pentagon spokesman John KirbyPhoto: Nicholas Gum / AFP / Profimedia Images

The United States has provided $8 billion in defense aid since the war began, including $2.2 billion last month.

John Kirby said Russia is laying the groundwork for annexation of Ukrainian territory, appointing illegitimately empowered officials in areas under its control, and trying to exert total control over its gains in the east.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told a White House press conference that the Russians were preparing to install pro-Russian authorities, set the ruble as the default currency and force residents to apply for Russian citizenship.

The same tactic was used in 2014 when Russia announced it was annexing Crimea after seizing it from Ukraine, Kirby said. The international community considers the annexation of Crimea illegal.

July 8, USA declared $400 million in military aid to Ukraine, which includes four Himars multiple missile and ammunition launch systems, bringing the total number of HIMARS systems in Ukraine to 12.

The first M270 multiple launch vehicle (MLRS) systems they came In Ukraine on Friday, Western-supplied long-range artillery weapons were reinforced.

In early June, Alexei Arestovich, an adviser to the president, said Ukraine needed 60 launchers Many more missiles – far more than the UK and US have so far promised – would stand a chance of defeating Russia.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu He ordered Prioritize the destruction of long-range missiles and artillery in Ukraine, after Western-supplied weapons were used to attack Russian supply lines.

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The United States and its allies have provided Ukraine with billions of dollars worth of weapons since the start of the invasion, including long-range weapons, which Kiev says are beginning to help on the battlefield.

Ukraine has claimed a series of successful attacks on 30 Russian logistics and munitions facilities using multiple missile systems supplied by Western countries.

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