Video Conflict in Ukraine turns into a trench war – analyst

Fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces seems to have stalled in key areas of southern and southeastern Ukraine, with troops conducting an old-school excavation war. Defender. However, a military analyst was quoted as saying BBC He notes that the fighting in Ukraine has entered a rhythm reminiscent of the First Trench War of World War II.

Soldier staying in a ditchPhoto: Video Capture

Justin Crump, managing director of the security consultancy Sibyl, told the BBC the conflict was “at the micro level” and that Russia was now “lucky to capture a field in 24 hours”.

In some places, this allows the Ukrainians to hold their territory; Among other things, this applies to the Russian troops occupying the cities they occupied.

Crump, a former British soldier, says Russia seems to be gaining momentum as its troops “advance”. Moscow would capture Severodonetsk and then declare the rest of the eastern Donbas region “no victory.”

He expects the Kremlin to continue targeting Zaporozhye, then try again in Cargo and try to capture Odessa.

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