Video DVR journalists caught between fire explosions in Kubiansk, Kharkiv region/ The group was not injured, but the Ukrainian military asked them to leave the emergency area/ The area was heavily bombed by the Russians.

TVR journalists were caught in the middle of the fire at the entrance to the Ukrainian city of Kubiansk on the border with Russia, the public TV channel reported. None of the crew members were injured, but the Ukrainian military asked them to leave the emergency zone. The DVR team consists of journalists Alex KostachCinematographer Bogdan Army And the driver Doral Onka.

The Russians have been heavily bombing areas lost to the Ukrainians, including Kubiansk in the Kharkiv region. Kubiansk was a very important logistical center for the Russians, and the loss of the city was a major blow to the invading army.

At the time of the explosion 20 meters from them, according to the Ukrainian guide Andriy Kovalenko, the journalists fell to the ground, and then, after a while, got into the car and left the area.

  • “Now there is heavy shelling and the army told us to lie on the ground. Now we have to go. They told us to leave immediately,” said TVR reporter Alex Kostach.

Read the TVR report here.

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