Video Even a new upgrade the Russian military tried didn’t protect their armor

A new video that has surfaced on social media shows how any new development the Russian military has tried to protect its armored vehicles in the face of Ukrainian strikes has not worked.

Another upgrade that Ukrainians tried for their vehiclesPhoto: Video capture

The footage shows how the military, sent to Ukraine by Vladimir Putin on February 24, has now attempted to reinforce the armor of the BTR-82A amphibious armored personnel carrier with what appears to be sandbags and sheet metal.

The “82A” variant is a modernized version of the BTR-80 armored personnel carrier that entered the Soviet Armed Forces in 1984. Theoretically, the “82A” model is the most modern variant of this armored vehicle produced during the Soviet Union, when it was released. Improved armor in 2009, an updated infrared vision system, a more powerful 300 horsepower engine and a GLONASS navigation system.

Such armored vehicles were sent by Russia including Syria During the campaign of military support for the regime of dictator Bashar al-Assad.

A video that went viral on social media in June shows what Ukrainian troops looked like They were able to recover and repair A BTR-82A armored personnel carrier, Russian soldiers threw a grenade to destroy it before abandoning it.

More photos A video shared on social media in September showed the Ukrainians seizing several such military vehicles in the Kharkiv region. Catastrophic collapse Here the Russian front and Chaotic retreat Moscow’s troops in the region in northeastern Ukraine.

Upgrades The Russians tried to protect their military vehicles

From the first months of the war, a lot of pictures appeared on social networks, which showed how the Russian army resorted. Straw, carpets and branches Not only to cover their trucks, but also their precious tanks and armored vehicles in an environment where their columns were repeatedly attacked by Pyrector TB2 drones.

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The photos prompted some military analysts who have followed the conflict in Ukraine closely, months before Vladimir Putin’s army retreated on several fronts, showing an incredible display of amateurism by Russian forces.

Two photos that went viral on social media in June showed Russian soldiers trying to “armor” their KAMAZ trucks. Including wooden and metal cans.

Other footage shows Moscow’s troops using records obtained from pro-Russian locals to bolster their vehicles as Russia fails to gain air supremacy over Ukraine.

However, some of the improvements are related to the Russian military’s facility, with photos showing numerous Russian military tankers circulating on social media over the summer. They built “roofs”. The tops of their combat vehicles were upgraded to keep the sun from hitting them directly and causing unbearable temperatures inside.

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