Video. How about the city of Soledar, captured by the Russians after months of bombing

A video published by the Kyiv Post shows the extent of the devastation in the mining town of Soledor, where Ukrainians and Russians have been fighting for the past few months. Apocalyptic images shot from a car show buildings in ruins.

Soledar and the neighboring town of Bahmut have been the scene of heavy fighting, which an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy describes as bloody since the start of the Russian invasion.

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On January 11, Russian private military group Wagner said it had captured Soledor, and Russian-backed authorities in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region said last week they were in control of the mining town.

Ukraine has never publicly claimed that the city was captured by Russian forces. On Sunday, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said Russian forces had opened fire on Ukrainian positions in the area.

On Sunday evening, Donetsk’s pro-Russian leader Denis Busilin said he had visited Soledar. Busilin said in his statement that the tunnels at Soledar were damaged and that getting down into them was “difficult”.

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