Video Incredible moment a whale boarded a boat off the coast of Massachusetts. “This is crazy, I can’t believe it”

The moment a whale came out of the water and landed on the bow of a boat off the coast of Massachusetts on Sunday, people on other boats were fishing in the area, according to reports. NBC News.

Humpback whalePhoto:

A whale believed to be a humpback washed up on the bow of a small boat at White Horse Beach in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The weight of the sea animal managed to sink the boat for a while, but after the whale retreated, the boat returned to its original position.

“It was crazy. The guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time, that’s all. I can’t believe he’s still floating,” said one witness. NBC Boston.

The Plymouth area captain reported that no one was injured and the boat sustained no major damage.

Those who have been fishing in the area for the past ten years told NBC Boston that they had never seen a whale climb the bow of a boat before.

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