Video Kremlin’s most optimistic military analyst suddenly worried / Ukraine allegedly acquired “highly dangerous” weapons

Igor Korodchenko, who became a favorite military analyst on Kremlin-controlled television after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, says he is concerned about a new weapon the Ukrainian armed forces may have acquired.

Military inspector Igor KorodchenkoPhoto: Video capture

“I want to say something about the drones in Taiwan. Taiwan has basically launched a war of sabotage against Russia as those drones are being modified to carry out terrorist attacks against targets such as oil facilities, oil depots, some critical facilities,” Korodchenko said.

He refers to a report in the Polish press that Taiwan donated 800 drones to Ukraine via Poland. The drones in question are Revolver 860 models made by Taiwanese company Dronevision, equipped with 8 motors capable of firing at enemy targets. This information has not been officially confirmed.

“You know, these little bastards fly up and throw their little bombs and make an explosion. They (Ukrainians) have almost a thousand of these! You know, it’s very dangerous!” Korodchenko explains.

A military analyst says Russia should support China’s efforts to “restore political and physical order on the island”.

“But I’ll say it again, because in this case … they’re basically encouraging Ukraine to carry out terrorist attacks against Russia. Because we’ve already seen them using primitive drones and trying to do sabotage, some terrorist acts. Now, unfortunately, all ( If drones) come to Ukraine, their capabilities will increase significantly,” says the Russian analyst.

Who is Igor Korodchenko?

Korodchenko became a favorite military analyst on Russian television after other analysts were invited to the sets for a “special military operation” ordered by Vladimir Putin on February 24. They offered fights in a light not favorable to the Kremlin.

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On the other hand, Igor Korodchenko, in addition to his positive assessments of the evolution of the conflict, also starts on geopolitical speculations, who directly addressed Hungary at the end of July. A decision should be made in a few monthsIf he wants to annex Ukrainian territories inhabited by ethnic Hungarians.

It was Gorodchenko who, in August, “revealed” the Ukrainian plan. to attack the Crimean bridgeIt says it was actually planned by the British Ministry of Defence.

“There are reports that a plan is being drawn up under Ben Wallace (not the British Defense Secretary) to attack the Crimean bridgehead. Let me emphasize this: a senior British government official, Defense Minister Ben Wallace, is developing an operation to attack the Crimean bridgehead,” Gorodchenko says.

After a long monologue, he laid out the alleged details of the plan and, without specifying the source of the information, he compared the minister, Ben Wallace, to Osama bin Laden, saying the British armed forces were preparing for acts of international terrorism under his leadership.

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