Video Riots in France: Public outrage after mayor’s house attacked / Macron calls emergency meeting / Nahal’s grandmother calls for calm: “Stop the destruction!”

A violent attack by a ram car targeted a mayor’s home near Paris on Sunday, after a fresh night of rioting in which a young man of North African descent was provoked by police sparked unanimous outrage from the political class. Shock over the attack on the mayor of the peaceful city of 30,000 people has taken a backseat to the decline in violence seen in many French cities, AFP reported.

Great protests in France after Nahal’s deathPhoto: Stephen Rupert/NurPhoto / Shutterstock Editorial / Profimedia

“We will not let anything pass, we will be with the mayors,” promised the head of the French government, Elisabeth Bourne, who came to support the mayor in her city on Sunday. He added that “the government will not allow any violence to go unanswered” and that economic sanctions will be applied “with great determination”.

Amid rising attacks against political representatives, David Lisnard, head of France’s association of mayors, called on elected officials and citizens to gather in front of town halls across the country at noon on Monday. “Since Tuesday, 150 town halls or municipal buildings have been attacked, a first in the country’s history,” he told AFP.

President Emmanuel Macron, who did not immediately react to the attack, is scheduled to hold a meeting with several members of the government on Sunday evening, at 19:30 (20:30 in Romania), at the Elysée Palace. Establishing “situational balance”.

According to the press, both the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Interior and Justice will attend the meeting at the Elysee in the wake of the violence in France over the past few days.

“Assassination attempt of incompetent cowardice”

During the fifth night of violence in France, between Saturday and Sunday night, the mayor’s house in L’Haÿ-les-Roses, a small town near Paris, was hit with a ram filled with incendiary materials.

Around 01:30, Mayor Vincent Jeanbrunn (Republican Party, right) was at the Hotel de Ville in L’Haÿ-les-Roses when rioters “threw a baton at his residence before setting it on fire,” the provincial council said in a statement on Twitter.

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The mayor’s wife and one of his two children were “injured”, the report added, condemning the “assassination attempt of unclassifiable cowardice”.

The mayor said his house was attacked while his wife and two children were sleeping. In an attempt to protect his family and escape from the aggressors, his wife and one of the children were also injured.

Sources in the mayor’s entourage told AFP that his wife “injured her knee and is currently in hospital, and one of the children suffered minor injuries”. “Both children are very traumatized,” they added.

According to the same source, the miscreants set fire to the Ram car and the mayor’s family, before being chased away by the police and firemen, “who intervened very quickly”.

Sources in the judicial department said that an investigation has been launched into the attempted murder.

“Stop the destruction!” – Nahal’s grandmother’s appeal to the demonstrators

Nadia, the grandmother of 17-year-old Nahel M, killed by police in Nanterre on Tuesday, wants the urban violence to end. “Stop the destruction,” pleads the woman to the revolted French.

To those who destroy everything I say: stop. Don’t destroy shop windows, don’t destroy schools, don’t destroy buses. There are mothers who stop and get on the bus, there are mothers who walk outside,” said Nahal’s grandmother, Nadia. Interview on BFMTV.

“We want these young people to be quiet. Nahal is dead. My daughter had only one child, she lost it, it’s over, my daughter has nothing to live for. And they made me ‘lose’ my daughter and my grandson”, he continued.

Nahel was killed last Tuesday during a police raid near the Nanterre-Prefecture RER station. A policeman opened fire on the youth who was a short distance away, injuring him fatally in the chest. He justified his action by saying the young man refused to comply, but a video recording contradicted his version and sparked riots in the country.

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Since Tuesday, scores of young people living in working-class neighborhoods across the country have been venting their anger against the police and the government every night, confronting law enforcement and vandalizing public buildings and shops.

“My heart hurts. The policeman took my son-in-law. This man must pay like everyone else. Those who break the law and beat the policemen will be punished. I believe in justice. I believe in justice,” he declared.

The 38-year-old police officer who fired the shots was charged with murder and jailed Thursday.

Toll: 2,000 cars set on fire, 700 shops damaged.

France saw little rioting on Saturday night as tens of thousands of police were deployed in cities across the country after the funeral of a young man named Nahel M. According to AFP, 719 people have been arrested today.

President Emmanuel Macron postponed his state visit to Germany, which was due to start on Sunday, to manage the worst crisis for his leadership since the “yellow uniform” protests that paralyzed much of France in late 2018.

Around 45,000 police were on the streets in its three biggest cities, Paris, Lyon and Marseille, with elite special forces, armored vehicles and helicopters brought in as reinforcements.

Rioters have torched 2,000 vehicles since the riots began. More than 200 police officers were injured and the average age of those arrested was 17, Interior Minister Gerald Dormanin said on Saturday.

More than 700 shops, supermarkets, restaurants and bank branches “have been ransacked, looted and sometimes set on fire since Tuesday,” Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said.

Violent clashes in Marseille

As of 01:45 local time on Sunday morning, the situation was calmer than the previous four nights, despite some tensions in central Paris and sporadic clashes in the Mediterranean cities of Marseille, Nice and the eastern city of Strasbourg.

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The most tense situation was in Marseille, where police fired tear gas and engaged in street fighting with rioting youths around the city center late at night.

In Paris, police stepped up security on the city’s iconic Champs Elysees boulevard after calls for a rally on social media.

The security forces conducted line-by-line searches on the street, which is usually packed with tourists. Signs were placed in front of shops to prevent vandalism and looting.

Local authorities across the country have banned demonstrations, ordered public transport to stop in the evening, and some have imposed traffic restrictions.

The unrest, a blow to France’s global image a year before the Olympics, will add political pressure to Macron.

He has already faced months of angry and sometimes violent protests across the country after overhauling the pension system.

Nahal was buried on Saturday

Nahel, 17, of Algerian and Moroccan parents, was shot dead by a police officer during a traffic stop in the Paris suburb of Nanterre on Tuesday.

Hundreds of people filed into the Great Mosque of Nanterre for the funeral. Volunteers in yellow vests stood guard as dozens of passers-by watched from across the street.

Marie, 60, told Reuters she had lived in Nanterre for 50 years and always had problems with the police.

“This has to stop completely. The government is completely out of touch with our reality,” he said.

The teenager’s shooting rekindled old criticisms of police violence and racism in poor and racially mixed urban communities.

Nahel was previously known to police for disobeying traffic stops and illegally driving a rental car, a Nanterre prosecutor said Thursday.

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