Video Russian Army in Ukraine Forced to Stunt to Avoid Ukrainian Drone-Guided Artillery

Remarkable video footage shows how Russian soldiers in Ukraine miraculously escaped from a burning civilian car after being chased by a Ukrainian military drone and hit by artillery.

Houdini escaped from the Russian armyPhoto: Video capture

A video shared by several monitors of the fighting in Ukraine shows soldiers of the invading forces wasting no time in an encounter, being targeted by Ukrainian artillery and then trying to flee in a civilian car. But the Ukrainian artillery was able to adjust its fire with the help of images obtained from the drone and hit the vehicle completely.

A longer version of the footage has been released which also captures the car’s miraculous escape Anatoly StephenThe Ukrainian colonel announced the withdrawal at the beginning of the war Many generals And Famous fighters Russians.

Judging by the images, the soldiers appear to be Kadyrov fighters or members of pro-Russian separatist militias known as the two republics formed in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Russian invasion troops will again be reinforced with “elite” Chechen militias

Ramzan Kadyrov announced on Monday about 10,000 Chechen fighters will be sent After Kherson, Zaporozhye and Donetsk People’s Republic”. Catastrophic collapse of the Russian front in Kharkiv last week.

On July 9, Kadyrov announced the presence of Chechen militants in Ukraine They returned home After the “liberation” of the Luhansk People’s Republic, consecrated Fall of LysiansIt is the last major city controlled by Ukrainian forces in this part of the country’s east.

But the Chechen leader announced on Monday that his forces were indeed on leave. At the same time criticized Choices made by the Russian military in Ukraine.

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“If the strategy does not change today or tomorrow, I will be forced to talk to the heads of the Ministry of Defense and the heads of the country and explain to them the real situation in the field. This is a very interesting situation. It’s surprising, I would say,” the Chechen leader warned on Monday.

As for the pro-Russian separatists, neighboring Kharkiv is from the Donetsk region Seems confusing to me After the recent defeats suffered by the Russian army, talk about the “difficult” situation on the front.

New video footage emerging on social media shows the fight They expanded in Donetsk and Ukrainian troops They had already entered Monday evening In the city of Sviatokorsk in this region.

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