Video Spectacular Ukrainian counterattack: They destroy a rare Russian weapon after giving the press photos of where it is.

Ukrainian forces reportedly destroyed a 240mm Russian motorcycle following Russian media reports of his whereabouts and firing on Ukrainian positions.

The Ukrainians destroyed a heavy self-propelled Russian motorPhoto: Photo Gallery

The Ukrainians were able to destroy the self-propelled motor 2S4 Tyulpan by artillery, a weapon not found in many copies of active cargo of the Russian military, but with considerable firepower. Such motors were upgraded in 2017 and so far only 10 are in operation by Russia.

The Ukrainian counter-attack came a day after Russian newspapers published video and photo footage of a self-propelled motor and its crew firing on Ukrainian positions from the same location.

From the first information, it appears that the location of the Russian troops was established shortly after the release of the pictures, and the Ukrainians sent a drone to the intelligence. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police station in the Rubizne region of the Luhansk region.

After confirming that the Russians were still in the area, Ukrainian troops came in with artillery shells and attacked the area. It is not clear what type of artillery they used.

After hitting and setting fire, the motor exploded.

2S4 Tyulpan, a heavy motor from the Soviet era, but modernized and better firefighter. Only a few copies are active in the Russian arsenal

2S4 Tyulpan It is a heavy motor, self-propelled on tracks with a capacity of 240 mm and has practically a considerable amount of firepower, more than conventional motors or 152/155 mm cannons commonly used by the Russian military.

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The 2S4 was built during the Soviet era, but is still in use and is the largest motor system currently in use by virtually any military in the world.

From the generally available data, only 10 copies of which were in operation by Russian forces were modernized in previous years. A few hundred more were in storage, but their exact condition is unknown – only a few of them were known to be modernized.

The main explosives of this mortar have an explosive load of 32 kg and can hit up to 9.6 km.

Another type of ammunition is aided by a rocket engine, and has a range of 20 km. Anti-motor shields, laser guided ammunition or cluster ammunition may also be used.

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