Video Sting taken by Russian forces abandoning an armored transporter

The Russians were trapped in an armored transporter so they dropped him, but not before a grenade was thrown inside. However, the Ukrainians were able to fix it.

Armored transport BTR-82A was repaired by the UkrainiansPhoto: Video Capture

After the water shield crew blocked the carrier BTR-82A, the Russians thought to throw a grenade inside so that the Ukrainians could not use it. However, the Ukrainians were able to fix it and are now in the service of Ukrainian forces.

In fact, images of Ukrainians repairing seized military vehicles are going viral on social media.

In April, they appeared Shooting Shows to employees of the Ukrainian arms company Ukroboronprom the reuse of seized Russian vehicles by AU forces. Images showed T-72B3 Obr 2016 and BMD-4M, and BTR-82A in the background ready.

Ukraine is urging farmers who have recovered military vehicles to be repaired and put on the front line, but urging skilled mechanics to come and help in the effort to revive the recovered equipment.

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