Video “Tawai, Tawai!”: Ukrainians destroy a new Russian armored vehicle with a top / short range shot, Stukna-B system

Ukrainian soldiers use the Stugna-P anti-tank system to destroy a new armored vehicle with Russian soldiers in a short-range shot almost perpendicular to the direction of its travel.

New Russian armored vehicle destroyed by the Ukrainians with the Stukna-B systemPhoto: Video Capture

The vehicle targeted and destroyed by the Ukrainians was an MT-LB (also known as the M1970), a light armored vehicle manufactured in the Soviet Union. Operating in the late 1960s, the vehicle was one of the “soldiers” of the Russian navy, although it was removed from the moths last month and Old Soviet T-62 tanks.

The new blow was the third blow recorded by the Ukrainians with the Stagna-B system and was distributed on social media sites, where one can see a Russian armored vehicle being destroyed along with its superiors.

The first of them, erupted on May 20 She was very violent So the bodies of some of the soldiers in the vehicle were thrown into the air.

In the second, Delivered only one day laterThe destruction of an MT-LB armored vehicle was caught, like the new record, only from a great distance.

Recently, Ukrainian soldiers began to use one of their versatile weapons, the Stugna-P system. Direct blows In attacks on Russian soldiers or on some Ammunition depots Small size.

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