Video The first images of the destruction caused by the Himmers organization in the Russian army

Ukrainian troops with the help of HIMARS launchers were able to destroy two Russian command posts.

Destruction caused by Russian forces in HimalayasPhoto: Video Capture

Ukraine’s 72nd Mechanized Brigade has released images showing a destroyed command post. InformNpalm claimed that this was the command post of the 20th Russian Army, which was destroyed by US-made HIMARS high-powered artillery missile systems.

In addition, the Ukrainian military is said to have destroyed several hurricane rocket launchers, according to Kyiv Independent.

Ukrainian forces have been releasing images of high-powered artillery missile systems (HIMARS) in the United States since Friday. ActiveBut without showing what damage they were able to do to the Russian forces.

HIMARS is a multi-missile missile system developed for the US military in the 1970s. It carries six 227 mm guided missiles or a pre-loaded capsule with a capsule mounted on a tactical missile.

Both Russia and Ukraine already operate MLRS systems, but the HIMARS version of the six missiles sent to assist Kiev was much improved with higher range and accuracy.

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