Video. The patriotic grill of Russia slipped and fell while consecrating a church

The patriotic grill of Moscow and all Russia slipped during the dedication of the new church of the faithful Peter and Fevronia of Murom in Novorossiysk. tv8.mdIt quotes Russian newspapers.

While consecrating the church, the grill fell a few feet on the wet floor.

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Those around him helped him on foot, after which the patriot continued his service.

Andrei Gurev, Archbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, on his telegram channel, fell as he was leaving the Patriot Grill sermon and slipped on the marble floor. According to the priest, no one was able to catch him because of the Govt restrictions.

“There was a back injury on the edge of the pulpit. Worship continued. Metropolitan Gregory and local Bishop Theognost looked at the patriot with guilt and waited for a reaction.

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