Video Turkish ship in Kherson catches fire after missile strike

A Turkish cargo ship was hit by a missile off the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, causing a heavy fire on board following the attack, Reuters reported.

A fire gutted the command deck of a Turkish cargo shipPhoto: Video capture

The missile reportedly hit the control deck of the Tusla cargo ship on Tuesday, according to shipping company Ambre, with video footage showing flames in the ship’s control room.

Reuters notes that it has been able to confirm that the fire, first reported on social media, took place on board the ship in Kherson, based on satellite images and information about the Turkish ship.

However, Reuters journalists note that they could not independently confirm whether the incident actually took place on Tuesday.

The ship, which has been stuck in Kherson since February 2022 when Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine, is operated by Cavali Shipping, which declined to comment on the situation.

Several Turkish cargo ships have been blocked in Ukraine

A maritime industry source told Reuters that 12 Turkish ships were stuck in Ukrainian ports, including one in Kherson.

These ships are not covered Agreement The ban on grain exports between Moscow and Kiev through Ukrainian ports has been lifted, with cargo ships carrying public goods.

“There was an attack last night, most likely in the harbor, where an explosive charge apparently hit a ship. The Turkish ships in Kherson are manned with minimal crews, so there were no injuries or casualties,” the source told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

Following this, Russian forces launched several rocket attacks on the city of Kherson He was acquitted by Ukrainian troops on November 11. A massive attack took place Even on Christmas EveAt least 10 deaths and 58 injuries.

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