Video Ukrainian cross-arms attack: A Russian tank spotted by a drone, then destroyed from the ground by a Stukna-B system

The Ukrainian army managed another interesting strike, destroying a Russian tank through cooperation between drone forces and ground forces using the already famous Stukna-B anti-tank system.

Stukna-B drone shot down by UkrainiansPhoto: Video capture

A video recording of the strike shows how the tank in a fortified position was spotted by a drone and then destroyed by a missile launched by the Stukna-B system. One of the most versatile weapons From the donation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The war in Ukraine highlighted the importance of drones in modern armed conflict, as they were used for the first time in large-scale combat. They were previously used by the US military for precision strikes against insurgents in the Middle East.

The Ukrainians acquired thousands of Western-made drones, including the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2s, which were crucial in halting Russian military advances in the first phase of the war as they tried to capture Kiev and other key Ukrainian cities.

When it comes to drones, the Russian armed forces have a handicap over the Ukrainians

Turkish President Erdogan recently said that Vladimir Putin expressed his desire Russia should cooperate with BakerIstanbul-based company Beyraktar makes TB2 drones, in a context where the Russian armed forces do not have enough drones due to economic sanctions imposed by the West.

America blames Iran She gets ready Tehran and Moscow have both denied reports that they were to supply hundreds of drones to Russia.

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But it has already been widely commented on by Russian military bloggers, Igor Girkin, a former commander of pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said last week. A “trade” must be made Along with its Iranian counterpart “it has been able to supply the Iranian Armed Forces with thousands of different classes of domestically produced drones”.

“He cuts wood very well… and I believe that reindeer herders (S.K. Shoigu’s only military specialty) are not in the Iranian army, or if they are, there is a huge shortage of them,” Kirkin said. Most popular Russian military bloggers point to the fact that the Russian Defense Minister was born in the Republic of Tuva in southern Siberia.

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