Video Zelensky, message to Russians mobilized for war: If you want to survive, resist Ukrainians, flee or surrender

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday told Russians being mobilized to fight Russia’s war in Ukraine that they should protest, flee or surrender if they don’t want to die.

Volodymyr ZelenskyPhoto: American Photo Archive / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia

“55 thousand Russian soldiers died in six months of this war. Tens of thousands more were wounded and maimed. You want more? Don’t you? Then fight. Fight again. Run or surrender to Ukrainian captivity. These are your options if you want to survive.”

According to Zelensky, Putin’s decision to partially mobilize the reservists is an open admission that the Russian military cannot hold Ukraine.

“Now, due to mobilization, for most citizens of the Russian Federation Russia’s war against Ukraine is no longer on TV or the Internet, but has entered every Russian home,” Zelensky said.

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday announced Russia’s first general mobilization since World War II. Russia aims to recruit 300,000 experienced specialists for its campaign in Ukraine, which has suffered a recent setback, its defense minister has said.

However, a classified passage of the partial demobilization order signed by President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday allows the Defense Ministry to To connect a million peoplewrites Novaia Gazeta.

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The Kremlin has dismissed as “exaggerated” reports of an exodus of working-age Russian men after Vladimir Putin’s partial mobilization announcement.

However, in Russia, air ticket prices have increased due to high demand. Queues at the border.

Small-scale protests erupted in 39 Russian cities, and authorities arrested more than 1,000 people by Wednesday evening. They were beaten and treated with violence People are protesting peacefully but by law enforcement.

Some men picked up by law enforcement were ordered to join the military In police stations.

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