Vladimir Putin announces golden age for Russian economy

President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that 2020 would be a time of strengthening economic sovereignty for Russia, arguing that Moscow would run a curriculum for international cooperation. Toss.

Vladimir Putin, in the resurrection servicePhoto: Sergei Fadichev / DOS / Profimedia

“For Russia, I believe that 2020 will be a time of consolidation of economic sovereignty, which will provide for the rapid development of its own infrastructure and technological bases, the increase in the level of training of professionals and the creation of an independent and efficient financial system.” Putin told reporters at the 25th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

“The Russian economy is increasingly dependent on private initiative and, of course, will continue its course towards openness and broader international cooperation,” he added.

“It is important to introduce and develop truly mutually beneficial integration models, as is already being done in the Eurasian Economic Union,” said Vladimir Putin, organizers and guests of the forum.

The 25th International Economic Forum will be held in St. Petersburg on June 15-18, 2022, which will be attended by 2,700 businessmen from Russia and its allies.

Vladimir Putin issues optimistic statements, Russia threatens default

The Kremlin leader’s confident statements are in line with the International Monetary Fund’s forecast 8.5% contraction In the context of the historical sanctions imposed by the West on the Russian economy in 2022 and the expulsion of foreign companies from the country.

Russia will be too Failure to pay After Moscow failed to pay interest on a bond for the first time last week.

While this may seem inevitable in the eyes of most experts, the announcement that Russia has failed to repay its foreign debt is still pending. This was the first time that Bolshevik leader Lenin had refused to accept a loan from the Tsarist regime, which had been overthrown by the 1917 revolution.

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In early March, President Vladimir Botanin became one of Russia’s richest men and a close ally of Putin. Warned him In the context of the current negotiations on the nationalization of foreign assets, Russia should not go back to the “catastrophic days” of 1917.

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