Vladimir Putin Unexpected Confession About Ukraine War: “I Could Be Wrong”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has hinted that he has information that Ukraine’s military chief of staff, General Valery Zalujny, is abroad, reportedly seriously injured, Russian news agencies say.

In a meeting with Russian military journalists and bloggers, when asked if he knew where General Zalujny was, Putin ironically replied: “Okay, ask him. But you have to use a foreign language for that.” news.

“It seems to me that he is abroad. But I could be wrong,” Apo Putin added.

Excerpts from Putin’s June 13 discussion with journalists covering the war were posted on his Telegram channel on Sunday by journalist Pavel Zarubin, one of Putin’s propagandists who produces the show “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin.” Rossia-1 TV station, Interfax reports.

In May, it was reported in the Russian press that Zalujni was seriously injured in the attack. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense denied this information, but Zalujny did not appear in public for a long time and refused to participate in the meeting of NATO chiefs, “even in the form of a video conference”, because of the “tense situation” from Ukraine, TASS reports.

Russian propaganda says a Ukrainian spy chief has also been wounded

At the same time, the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, told journalists that the Russian authorities had received information about Zalujni’s health, but did not want to disclose anything.

Then, on May 25, a video recording with the military commander appeared in Ukrainian mass media, and the next day, in his presence, a new military ship was inaugurated, according to Doss.

On the other hand, there were reports in the Russian media about Ukrainian army intelligence chief General Khrylo Budanov being seriously injured and being treated in Germany, but Kiev said it was Russian propaganda.

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In his video address to Ukrainians on Friday, President Volodymyr Zelensky said there was a war council meeting to discuss the counteroffensive, and both Zalujny and Budanov took part in the meeting.

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