‘Voice of Freedom’ Jumps Against ‘Indiana Jones’ July 4th — Deadline

A Jim Caviezel thriller from Angels Studios Freedom’s voiceAnd Tuesday came strong and gave Disney / Lucasfilm Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Run for its money at the local box office. However, until the actual values ​​are reported, it remains to be seen who won on July 4th, with both distributors reporting $11.5 million.

View competing distributors from their own accounts Freedom’s voice As the clear #2 opening yesterday with $11 million in 2,634 theaters, with dew win the day.

However, all eyes of the industry are watching for the oddities of this indie, non-studio title that contains religious elements. Some expectations were ahead of the release Freedom’s voice $11 million – $15 million over six days, not one. We also heard about $20 million for six days. The movie earned an A+ CinemaScore yesterday, which is a benchmark for a faith-based title.

Angel Studios is a crowdfunding platform to incentivize ticket sales, called “Pay It Forward”. The patent pending technology is billed from the distributor as enabling moviegoers to buy tickets for other people. It was first launched in March with a version of his only son About the prophet Abraham, this movie opened at $5.5 million and finalized in the US at $12 million. Angel’s Studios reported this morning that it has raised an additional $2.6 million through crowdfunding, bringing in a total Freedom’s voice to $14 million. On Monday, we were told that audience-funded advance sales have reached $10 million for the film, which is based on the true story of Homeland Security officer Tim Ballard, who took charge of rescuing kidnapped children around the world.

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What is happening here? I heard from theater owners that some of them were allowed to show the film early on Mondays. Also, there is a huge right-wing fanning of sums here, as many have told me.

The Passion of Christ Caviezel was a guest star on Steve Bannon war room show, where the host was urging viewers to come out for the opening. I hear whispers that many right-wing groups have snapped up tickets and are giving them away for free.

formulations suitable for Freedom’s voice Are those religious titles that are based on true stories or are part of the thriller genre, but even they screw those titles away, ie 2011 Soul server which had its first Friday $3.6 million, a 3-day opening of $10.6 million, and finally $43.8 million and 2008’s flame retardant which opened at $6.8 million over three days, and grossed over $33 million in the United States.

while, Destiny askedThe best-than-expected 4th of July, a day not always known for going to the movies, was only 3% higher than the $11.8 million Monday made its 5-day share. $83.6 million. If the movie follows the second weekend trajectory of other older titles such as no time to die, And it posts a drop of -57% to -60%, it’s looking everywhere $24 million – $25 million This coming weekend. dewThe advantage is that it will hold all PLFs and Imax in the second weekend.

Some believe that it will be a close connection between dew and Sony/Screen Gems/Stage 6 Films/Blumhouse’s Insidious: The Red Door Directed by franchise star Patrick Wilson and also starring actress Rose Byrne. While Sony is only spotting $18m-$20m in 3,150 theaters for the $16m movie, others see it even higher with tracking in. $23 million. Under 25 women trail best in fifth place. No review scores have been scored yet by Rotten Tomatoes. Previews begin Thursday at 4 p.m. in 2,700 theaters.

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highest opening to insidious The movie belongs to the 2013 sequel, Insidious chapter 2 which saw $40.2 million. This is also the highest-grossing installment in the US/Canada horror series at $83.5 million. previous batch, Insidious: The Last Key It did very well from its $10 million production cost with an opening of $29.5 million, a domestic gross of $67.7 million and a worldwide total of $167.8 million, placing it as the highest-grossing season for a horror series. Through four films, he has been insidious The films minted $542.7 million worldwide.

Lionsgate has R-rated Asian-American raunchy female comedies, Joy RideAnd who is looking at $7 million – $9 million in 2,800 locations over four days. The film is directed and co-written Crazy Rich Asians Writer Adele Lim made its world premiere at SXSW and is currently tallying a 91% Fresh Rotten Tomatoes critics score from 53 reviews at the time of this post. Previews start today at 6 p.m. The comedy is a co-production between Seth Rogen’s Point Gray and Red Mysterious Hippo. latest asian american comedy, Easter Holiday From standby Jo Koy, it opened at $5.4 million in August 2022 and finished at $13 million.

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