War for the Severdonets: The Russians attacked from four directions, but the Ukrainians were not allowed to enter this strategic city.

The strategically important city of Sverdlovsk in eastern Ukraine was attacked in several ways at night, but the Russians were expelled, Volodymyr Zhelensky’s office said Sunday.

Condition on the Chevroletonetsk axisPhoto: understandingwar.org

“Severodonetsk was attacked from all four sides at once, but the enemy was repelled and retreated to the previous positions,” the president told the conference this morning.

Seven houses in Chevroletonetsk and at least 27 houses in the surrounding towns and villages were damaged.

The Ukrainian military said the attack on Severodonetsk was part of a major offensive in the relationship between Russian and Ukrainian forces.

According to the cited source, “the enemy fired mortars and artillery at the positions of the security forces throughout the line of contact, concentrating their efforts in the direction of Chevrodonetsk and Lyczynsk.”

“Enemy forces are preparing to resume the offensive in the direction of Slovenesk,” Ukrainian civil servants said, referring to another important city in the region.

Severodonetsk and Sloviansk are necessary for control of the Ukrainian Luhansk region.

The Russians continue to bomb

Luhansk Governor Sergei Haidai said Russian forces attacked him from four different directions but failed to enter the city.

However, in the use of telegramming, he said that bombings were continuing in residential areas and that the bridge to the neighboring city of Lyczynsk had been destroyed.

The War Research Institute saidIn the latest assessment, Russian forces have intensified their efforts to encircle and capture Chevroletonetsk, and it will continue in the coming days.

Russians They fought on the Chevroletonetsk axisThe only company with “Terminator” are vehicles designed and built to protect major battle tanks.

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