War in Ukraine, day 102. The Kremlin announces that its troops have destroyed tanks and armored vehicles sent by Western nations in Kiev.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Saturday accused the West of “running.”Criminal policy“In the Balkans, especially in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) and Kosovo, before visiting Serbia on Tuesday, the EFE said.

In the Balkans this is really a criminal policy“In a 40-minute interview with RTRS, Republika Srpska’s public television said that Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the two companies forming the federation, Lavrov said.

Lavrov will meet with senior representatives of the Serbian government and president in Belgrade on June 7 and Milorad Dodic, a Bosnian separatist leader.

According to Lavrov, the West wants to ban the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina.Their culture, tradition and heritage”. At the same time, the head of Russian diplomacy considers the appointment of Christian Schmidt, the UN High Commissioner for the Country, illegal.

Lavrov said Schmidt had been appointed.No one asked Russia, without the consent of the three Bosnian people and without the confirmation of the UN Security Council.”.

Western nations want to use Bosnia and Herzegovina as a base for NATO expansion in the Balkans.“, he said.

Since the end of the inter-ethnic war that killed about 100,000 people between 1992 and 1995, BiH has split into two organizations, the Republika Srpska (RS) and the Croatian-Muslim Federation united by a weak central government.

The political stalemate is hampering the reforms needed to bring the country closer to the EU, while Bosnian Serbian officials have said they will block any goodwill with NATO, which Muslims and Croatians want.

According to Lavro, only Bosnian Serbian leader Milorad Dodik, who is bound by the Tatan Peace Accord, has been criticized by the West for his separatist plans.

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Lavrov also said that the EU was urging Kosovo not to comply with the EU-sponsored agreement with Belgrade in 2013.He urged Kiev not to abide by the 2015 Minsk agreements”. Lavrov urged Russia “Absolutely supportive“Attitudes of Serbia and its people towards Kosovo.

Serbia, which has expressed interest in joining the EU, is the only European country that has not joined the sanctions against Russia over Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, and is Russia’s closest ally on the old continent.

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