“Wearers sent to public events instead of Putin”

War in Ukraine, day 383. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba calls for urgent help. He says the Ukrainian military needs ammunition and pilot training.

Most Important Events in Last 24 Hours:

  • French General: “After the war in Ukraine, the collapse of Russia follows”
  • Head of military intelligence in Ukraine: “Wearers sent to public events instead of Putin”
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to travel to Ukraine this week.
  • The Kremlin is tight-lipped about Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow
  • Chief of Ukrainian Ground Forces: “The situation in Bahmut is difficult”
  • Ukrainians repulsed 102 attacks in one day
  • Hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian soldiers have died in Bahmut in the last 24 hours
  • Consequences of air raids. Ukrainians are implementing new security measures
  • Zelensky: More than 40 rockets have hit Kyiv since the beginning of the year
  • Fierce fighting in Bahmut: Dozens of matches in the last 24 hours
  • Ukrainian source: Ukraine’s spring counteroffensive ‘not far off’

Update at 14:30 “The war with Ukraine will stimulate an appetite, follow the main trend – the collapse of Russia.” At the same time, this is the report of a French general who says that the Ukrainian army is currently the best prepared in Europe.

A former deputy commander of NATO forces in Europe said the Russian military is in the “third league” and relies heavily on mercenary troops, making coordination in the field more difficult.

The official said the details would cost Moscow the war.

Update 13:00 Krylo Budanov, head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, said in an interview Hot news.ro has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is suffering from cancer and has been represented by lookalikes (doppelgangers) at many public events.

“First of all, I want to say that I said this in 2021. Later journalists asked me and I said that I (Putin) should live two or three more years. For this reason, it is nothing new. This statement (…) especially the Putin we know “We have confirmed that there were replacements for Putin at the last events he participated in, as there is still the question of whether he is still alive,” Budanov said. According to the source cited.

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He was skeptical about removing Vladimir Putin’s administration from power, suggesting instead that there might be a “transfer of power” that people are used to.

Budanov was also questioned about the possibility of the Kremlin ordering a nuclear attack on Ukraine if the war moves to Crimea.

“At first, I don’t believe this. But let’s say I’m wrong. Then a simple question arises: Why didn’t this happen before? Because it’s impossible. This kind of weapon, a nuclear weapon, is not a weapon. That can be used.

The only guarantee is that it will not be used. And this is told to you by someone who was born in what can be called an ‘atom’. “Russia cannot use these types of weapons because the price paid would be too high,” he concluded.

Update 12:00 Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to travel to Ukraine this week.

Moscow newspaper Antena 3 quoted by CNN reports that the Russian president will visit one of the “regions of the country”.

The plans come as March 18 marks nine years since Russia annexed Crimea.

This link is not recognized internationally.

Against this background, women in Russia have appealed to the Kremlin leader to spare their husbands and sons, as the Russian military cannot use recent victories for Putin as propaganda.

In a video broadcast by the Telegram channel SOTA, several Russian women said that the men in their families were “forced to join attack groups” in early March.

This, they have only four days of military training since the mobilization held in September last year.

The clip shows protesters holding a placard reading “Division 580 Artillery”.

Mass conscription sparked protests in Russia as many men fled the country to avoid conscription.

Update 10:00 Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to visit Russia to meet Chinese President Vladimir Putin.

As China has offered to mediate peace in Ukraine, Beijing’s diplomatic support for Moscow has raised suspicions in the West.

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Russian news agency Tass reported on January 30 that Putin had invited Xi to visit Russia in the spring. The Wall Street Journal reported last month that a visit to Moscow could take place in April or early May.

But sources cited by Reuters on condition of anonymity said the Chinese leader’s trip to Russia will take place earlier than expected and that a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping could take place as early as next week..

China’s foreign ministry did not respond to a request for comment on Xi’s possible visit to Moscow, and the Kremlin declined to comment.

Last month, Putin welcomed Wang Yi, China’s top diplomat, on a visit to Moscow.

China and Russia forged a partnership in February 2022 when Putin visited Beijing for the opening of the Winter Olympics.

The event took place just weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine, and the two sides reaffirmed the strength of their ties.

Update 09:00 The situation in the area of ​​the city of Bahmut in eastern Ukraine remains difficult, but Ukrainian forces are repelling all attempts by the Russian army to capture the city.

Reuters reported that the commander of the Ukrainian ground forces, General Oleksandr Chirsky, gave this information on Monday.

“The situation around the city of Bahmud is difficult. All attempts by the enemy to capture the city are being repelled by artillery, tanks and other weapons,” said a Ukrainian military official.

According to him, the Russian mercenary group Wagner is attacking from several directions, trying to break through the defenses of Ukrainian troops and advance to the central districts of the city.

International media could not verify information from independent sources.

An aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said last week that authorities in Kiev had decided to continue fighting in Bahmut.

For Moscow, the capture of Bahmut is a key objective, as it will be a step towards breaking Ukrainian defenses and seizing the entire Donbass industrial region.

Update 08:00 According to the latest update from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukrainian forces have repelled 102 attacks in the last day, The Guardian reported on Monday.

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In its latest update, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said Russian forces continued offensive operations in the Lymanskyi, Pakmutskyi, Avtivskyi, Mariinskyi and Shakhtarskyi regions.

According to the same source, around the cities of Kupyansk and Lymansk, Russian forces continued to try to break through the Ukrainian defenses with multiple area attacks and artillery bombardment.

According to the update, Russian forces “continue to loot the temporarily occupied territories.”

Recently, the occupiers began to remove from the educational and training center of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant educational equipment, which was used to improve the qualifications of personnel.

Update 00:00 “Ammunition shortages are a primary problem in Ukraine’s efforts to fend off a Russian invasion.

German arms makers told the Munich Security Conference last month that they were ready to supply but that the government was waiting to sign the contracts. So the problem lies with the government.

I don’t expect the western allies to provide the fighter jets requested by Ukraine soon, but I think the Ukrainian pilots should be trained anyway, and they will be ready when the decision is made.

“If Germany trains Ukrainian pilots, it will be a clear message of its political commitment,” Dmytro Kuleba said.

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