Western stumbling block: What military assistance should be provided to Ukraine to withdraw from the war?

Despite extensive military assistance to Ukraine by Western nations, there is growing concern about how quickly the Ukrainian military could reduce its reserves as fierce fighting intensifies in the Donbass, he says. CNN.

Volodymyr Zhelensky examines missiles fired by Western nationsPhoto: EyePress News / Shutterstock Editorial / Profimedia Images

In light of these pressures, former Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, a former lieutenant general, said Sunday that U.S. officials must be clear in defining their goals and that the United States is committed to doing whatever it can to help Ukraine win. In an interview in Europe CBS.

He said that although the last round of US aid was “substantial”, it was not enough.

“The Ukrainians are in dire need of long-range missiles, artillery and drones, which will play a key role in this or that phase of the war and when it will begin,” Hodges said. Because “this opportunity is for us in the next two weeks to really disrupt Russia’s operations.”

The big question is where Putin’s the “red line”.

Without provoking the Russian president to extend the war by endangering NATO troops, determining where Putin’s the “red line” is and how far he can continue to help Ukraine is one of the biggest challenges for the Biden administration and its allies so far. .

As the United States prepares to send a $ 800 million aid package last week, Russia has warned in a diplomatic note to the State Department that there will be “unpredictable consequences” if the United States and its allies continue to send heavy weapons to Ukraine. .

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Military experts explained that the move could prompt Russia to consider targeting not only weapons when they reach the Ukrainian border, but also NATO supply convoys carrying weapons to Ukraine’s borders.

When world leaders try to figure out what Putin thinks – how far he can go in trying to punish countries that help Ukraine – the Austrian president Carl Nehmar, who met Putin face to face Last week, Putin made it clear that he believed he would win the war and that he was acting “on his own war logic.”

“He believes war is necessary for security guarantees for the Russian Federation, and he does not trust the international community. He blames the Ukrainians for the genocide in the Donbass region,” Nehmmer told NBC on Sunday. For the imaginary propaganda that Putin despised to justify his actions of aggression against Ukraine.

“He is in his own world now, but I think he knows what’s happening in Ukraine now,” the Austrian president said.

Vladimir Putin and Carl Nehammer (Photo by AFP / Profimedia)

Given the enormous challenges facing a leader with such a distorted and difficult mindset, Zhelensky seeks to persuade world leaders to engage in the next phase of action, warning that they should be concerned about the possible consequences of Putin’s next steps. – including the fact that he could use a tactical nuclear weapon because he showed so little value to human life during his invasion of Ukraine.

The United States will help save Ukraine without sending its own troops

So far, Western efforts against Russia have proven surprisingly effective.

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On the military side, military equipment and aid provided by the United States and Europe played a key role in halting Russia’s progress. The Javelin anti-tank missile system, for example, gave the Ukrainians the opportunity to fight Russian tanks and became a popular symbol of the process.

Western aid and anti-Ukrainianism

Ukraine as a whole should not win; It will take a long time for Russia to force itself to change its plans. Then, to further help the Ukrainians, the United States and its allies could easily create what they are already doing.

At the same time, however, the United States must be wary of how these actions will appear in Moscow. Very provoked, the Russians may misinterpret the signals and Putin may attack NATO targets. It could turn into a nuclear war that no one, including Ukraine, has won.

Proof CNN, CBSHotNews.ro

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