What are the chances of Russia attacking NATO? Former defense minister: Russians have been preparing for war in Ukraine for 20 years NATO, surprisingly

Russian President Vladimir Putin inspects a Kalashnikov weapon. Photo source: Kremlin.ru via DefenseRomania

After NATO member Lithuania imposed a blockade on the Russian region of Kaliningrad, fears of a military conflict between the Russian Federation and NATO resurfaced. Although NATO is a defensive alliance, fears have been fueled by Russian propaganda’s repeated threats of war.

Former Minister of Defense of the Republic of Moldova Anatole Salaru was invited to the event Euro-Atlantic mission Broadcast by Defense RomaniaIt was asked whether a scenario where the Russian Federation would attack NATO was possible.

The former senior official categorically rejected such a scenario, believing that Vladimir Putin knows that the Russian Federation cannot cope with a NATO-sized military force. But he believes the alliance’s leaders have miscalculated over time Russia’s aggressive moves, which have been preparing for the current conflict for two decades.

“I believe that the Russian Federation has initiated and will initiate such threats (no – regarding an attack on NATO), but it will never do so. Today, the Russian Federation does not have the ability to cope with a military conflict with NATO countries.Commenting on Anatole Salaru, he continued that in his opinion “NATO was ready for another kind of war”.

“NATO is not ready for a war with the Russian Federation. You have seen that the doctrine for the Baltic states is that they are occupied and NATO will liberate these territories for 180 days. Well, in 180 days there is no one alive in these countries. NATO is not ready for this conflict and the mentality of the authorities is not in line with the current requirements. Russia is 20 years into this war. is being prepared.Salaru added.

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Currently, Russia lacks a legal framework for citizen mobilization, he says. In Ukraine there is a covert mobilization based on the so-called special operation.

“They can mobilize millions of people under arms, but there is no legal party. Today, if a Russian soldier does not want to participate in the war, he has nothing to do with anyone. There is no article in the criminal code to imprison these people. There were cases of hundreds of Russian soldiers who refused to fight and left. “They were taken out of the army, but nothing could be done about them. In a general mobilization event, millions of people can gather, but they have to be prepared. Also, they have no military equipment and ammunition,” the former defense minister added.

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