What is written in the instruction note received by Joe Biden for a meeting at the White House

US President Joe Biden accidentally released a note he received from his advisers ahead of a meeting at the White House on Thursday. The consultants wrote in the note what to do in each moment of the meeting from entering the meeting and greeting room to leaving the room.

The incident took place at the White House on Thursday when the US president met with several governors, union leaders and leaders of private companies to discuss the implementation of a plan to accelerate wind energy investments on the east coast of the United States.

At one point, often by mistake, Joe Biden kept a note to the press with the advice of his advisers, instead confronting it. The photojournalists did not miss that moment, and captured what was written in Biden’s note: there are detailed instructions on each step of how the meeting will take place.

Joe Biden said here:

  • Enter Roosevelt Hall and greet participants.
  • You sit down.
  • Enter the printer.
  • You publish a short statement (specified how many minutes to speak, but that part is covered by the president’s fingers – no).
  • The magazine exits.
  • You ask Liz Shuler, the head of the AFL-CIO. Note: Liz attends the meeting online.
  • Thanks to the participants.
  • You leave the room.
Tickets for the meeting with instructions from President Joe Biden. Photo: Profimedia

This is not the only mistake that President Joe Biden made. He caught attention when he finally fell off his bike one day. Fortunately, this is a minor incident and no White House leader has been affected as a result.

Joe Biden, 79, is the oldest president in the United States. Previously, when did Biden encounter a similar chapter Three times unbalanced On the steps of an Air Force One aircraft.

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