Who loses if you buy Jet Blue Spirit? comedians

Passengers check in for a Spirit flight at Orlando International Airport the Friday before Memorial Day.

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Jet Blue‘s Surprise offer of $3.6 billion in cash about Soul threatens the latter’s plan to merge with border In a giant discount airline. It also threatens one of comedians’ favorite sources of material.

“It’s kind of a bummer for me. If there isn’t a soul anymore, who are we going to make fun of?” Jimmy Kimmel sarcastic Wednesday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Individual soliloquy. “Be careful, take care, Guardian. You are on board.”

New York-based JetBlue wants to accommodate the Florida-based Spirit and change the bright yellow Spirit planes, which feature seats that don’t recline, to match JetBlue’s jets, which offer roomier seating, seat back screens and free snacks.

Spirit airfares and fees for everything including seat selection and handbags for comedians have provided years of fodder and become a reference for air travel insults. Big airlines have taken the idea of ​​discounts with basic economy fares, which don’t include pre-selecting seats and forcing passengers to finally board the plane.

Spirit made up just under 5% of the passengers carried by US airlines last year. However, it was mentioned 40 times on late-night talk shows in 2021, which is 20% of the total airlines mentioned on those shows, according to an analysis by the airline, seen by CNBC.

Kimmel said Wednesday that JetBlue wants to buy Spirit for $3.6 billion “plus an additional $55 for hand luggage.”

“Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon also cited JetBlue’s show in Wednesday’s monologue. “Right now, Spirit is like, ‘Guys, we’d better open a bank account. I think it’s time.'”

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You must have thick skin.

No airline was affected by the lights of the night shows. Spirit analysis showed that the American had 77 signals last year, while the Southwest had 50 and delta There were 34. There are also countless stand-up clips and memes making fun of airlines and air travel.

Ross Weinstein, a former spokesperson, said: American Airlines and for the Transportation Security Administration. “You have to have thick skin to work in the aviation industry.”

After reports emerged that a man was kicked off a JetBlue plane for trying to get possums on board in late 2019, “Saturday Night Live” co-host Colin Jost said on a Weekend Update: Airlines, what goes down when you need an oxygen mask.”

“Contrary to what they say about it late at night, our airline is focused on providing guests with an excellent, affordable experience that allows them to venture further and discover more than ever before,” Spirit said.

She said she had contacted offers before and had no luck with a response.

Spirit said she understood that airlines were a target “because the jokes about air travel are constantly laughing” and added, “We promise the opossum won’t come out of the fender.”

his soul Going a long way in improving punctuality in recent years and ranked sixth among US airlines last year, above JetBlue’s ninth, according to Department of Transportation data. The Complaint rate It also declined in the years leading up to the pandemic. Employees joined in Disney Institute for Customer Service Improvement.

In 2019, Spirit unveiled new curved seats that it says are designed to give passengers more personal space, but they haven’t escaped ridicule from late-night hosts.

“Congratulations, Spirit,” Trevor Noah said on the December 2019 episode of “The Daily.” Displays.”

Representatives for Kimmel, Fallon, Noah and “Saturday Night Live” did not immediately respond for comment.

Epidemiological problems

The epidemic was not easy. Staff shortages and technical problems forced Spirit to cancel more than 2,800 flights in late July and early August 2021, a disaster that cost it some. 50 million dollars. American Airlines And the Southwest Airlines I encountered similar problems in the fall.

The problems drove passenger complaints about Spirit to the Department of Transportation to 11.45 per 100,000 passengers, which is most US airlines, while the Department of Transportation scored 6.38 for Jet Blue and 5.78 for Frontier.

Spirit said it evaluates JetBlue’s “unsolicited” bid. Any deal, just like the planned merger of Frontier and Spirit, would have to go through the throes of regulators at a time when President Joe Biden has tasked his administration with a competition scrutiny. Front and Spirit said earlier this year that they had not decided which airline brand would last.

That hasn’t stopped comedians from doing digs in Spirit.

Kimmel said Wednesday that JetBlue has a “real bathroom rather than a bucket everyone goes through.”

Spirit told CNBC that she welcomes any late-night hosts and their families to fly on the airline.

“May the roots be tempted to write a love song about us after the soul has taken flight!” The airline wrote, referring to the band’s “The Tonight Show.”

Disclosure: Comcast is the parent company of NBCUniversal and CNBC. NBC World broadcasts “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and “Saturday Night Live.”

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