William Shatner smashes Comic-Con and Masters of the Universe

William Shatner and other big stars of the universe at Comic-Con today

William Shatner et al masters of the universe Today’s Comic-Con superstars
picture: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

He-Man and his friends will welcome a new addition to the Netflix follow-up Masters of the Universe: Revelation—An animated series set in outer space that, so far, is sorely lacking in anyone who is actually in outer space. William Shatner made a surprise appearance at Thursday’s San Diego Comic-Con panel that celebrated 40 years masters of the universe Games, movies and series, in which the creator of the series Kevin Smith He confirmed that Shatner will voice a mysterious character in the future Masters of the Universe: Revolution.

legendary star trek actor and real astronaut He arrived to deliver news of his selection in the most conceivable way from Comic-Con: his booming voice is amazing and delights Hall H audience members before he comes out to join the committee. The 2022 edition of the conference jammed for Shatner, who was also in attendance to preview an upcoming documentary about his life. Produced by Legion M.The production company created and led entirely by fans. “San Diego Comic-Con has grown,” he quipped. “There is something in the water. It was a little bit sleepy town!”

Shatner was too eager to threaten to publish details about his mystery masters of the universe character, though Smith is clearly under strict orders not to reveal anything. “We’ve been very lucky this season,” Smith declared. “To be able to say that I was involved in any way, shape, or form, as witness to the birth of a performance of a legend like this – it ticked a lot of boxes for me.”

The news of such a favorable selection would surely raise the already high expectations of Masters of the Universe: Revolution. It was announced that Mark Hamill, another sci-fi icon, will reprise his role as Skeletor in the next round of fights for Eternia. Looking at Shatner is no stranger to the voiceover business himself, from different star trek Video Games for Two-Face Batman vs. two facesAnd – a true story – an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicWe’re ready to get a treat.

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