Willow Gets a New Trailer for Star Wars Celebration

The first trailer for Willow, the upcoming Disney+ fantasy series, has premiered at Star Wars Celebration 2022.

The Disney+ series is being produced by Ron Howard and will once again feature Warwick Davies as Willow Ufgood, an elf and wizard Nelwyn. During last year’s Disney Plus Day, it was confirmed that Willow will debut in November, so there isn’t much time to wait.

The upcoming sequel is set 20 years after the original 1988 Willow movie on which it is based. In the original story, an ambitious wizard and a baby girl destroy an evil queen and drive out dark forces. Now, the new series will focus on three new heroines who leave their kingdoms in search of the famous wizard Willow.

Joanne Waal will reprise her role as Sorcha alongside newcomers Robbie Cruz, who plays Kate Sorcha, Erin Kellyman, who plays Jadeā€”Kate’s best friend who grew up homeless in a castle and tries to become a knight, and Ellie Bamber who plays her. Pigeon – The kitchen maid is in love with Kate’s brother. Additionally, Warwick Davis’ real-life daughter Annabelle will play Willow’s daughter.

Willow will be executive produced by Jonathan Kasdan, Ron Howard, Wendy Merkel, Kathleen Kennedy, and Michelle Rigwan.

Willow will be heading to Disney+ on November 30, 2022. In the meantime, there’s plenty of news about upcoming shows from Star Wars Celebration, including new information on next year’s Star Wars: Skeleton Crew and a new trailer for Andor, due out in August. We also have a list of every upcoming Star Wars movie and movie if you’re still craving for more.

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