“Yellowstone” begins production on season five’s final episodes

Paramount Network announced today Yellowstone Production resumed.

Filming for the final five episodes of the western series has begun in Montana.

While the start of production was later than previously thought, MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios still expect the drama to return in November, as previously announced last year.

There has been no update on the show’s cast – or whether star Kevin Costner will appear in the final episodes that are expected to conclude the series.

Yellowstone The final episode aired more than a year ago — in January 2023 — amid Paramount Network’s decision to split the season into two parts. Talk of infighting over scheduling and script delays ensued between Costner and producer Taylor Sheridan for months, with Costner also focusing on his upcoming Western epic. Horizon: An American Epic. The cast and crew had planned to resume filming in March 2023 with a summer premiere date announced, but those dates have come and gone.

Costner recently said he wanted to return to the show to finish his character. “I would love to be able to do that but we couldn’t… I thought I’d make seven [seasons] But now we’re five. So how it goes – I hope it happens – but they have a lot of different shows going on. Maybe you will. Maybe this will come back to me. If so and I feel really comfortable with it [it]’I’d love to do that.'” But if he’s not involved at this point, with the scripts completed and filming underway, it may seem unlikely that he will.

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The show had paused in suspense: Jimmy Dutton (Wes Bentley) had just thrown down the gauntlet against his sister Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and father John Dutton (Costner) in a move that would lead to an all-out war between the embittered family members.

The network has not yet revealed the number of official episodes. Sheridan has previously said that it may make more than the previously reported final six episodes. “If I thought it would take 10 episodes to finish, they would give me 10,” Sheridan says. “It will be as long as it has to be.”

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