“Yet there is no precedent for a sitting head of state to force his NATO ambassador to negotiate his engagement with the alliance.”

Hari Bucure-Marcu, aviation officer, former head of the Defense Strategies Service, general staff and responsible for the reform of the Romanian army, says that with regard to NATO, President Iohannis cannot propose a position within the alliance. Go right to Russian rhetoric only.

“No one from NATO has made proposals to place an allied head of state in an executive position in NATO because there is no one higher than each of these heads of state and government. The president of Romania is one of the “NATO heads,” notes the analyst. Facebook.

“Of course, all NATO activities are negotiated between allies. Even the Secretary General is negotiated until consensus is reached.

Negotiations are one thing and job “proposals” are quite another. There is still no precedent for a sitting head of state to negotiate with other ambassadors on the council to appoint his ambassador to NATO as secretary-general or any other executive post in the alliance.

But this is a problem of not knowing how the North Atlantic Alliance works, both in principle and in a concrete bureaucratic way,” Hari Bukur sent further.

He says the idea of ​​behind-the-scenes talks fits perfectly in the context of messages sent directly by Russian President Vladimir Putin to destabilize the alliance.

“When I said that President Klaus Iohannis’s position on a possible ‘proposal’ for the post of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary General seemed to be taken straight from the box of Russian war propaganda ideas. NATO would “serve as an instrument of US foreign policy” (February 24, 2022 Quoting from Putin’s speech that morning “will do nothing but Putin personally, but the entire Kremlin propaganda asserts the thesis that he has launched a war of aggression and destruction on Ukraine).

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That is, according to the Kremlin, NATO does not act by consensus, but rather at the behest of the State Department in Washington DC.

Where are the plans for employment in NATO’s highest executive post, the Secretary General? Do you understand me? ”, the analyst wrote.

Hari Bukur-Marku is an aviation officer, and his last active duty position was Chief of the Defense Strategies Service on the General Staff, J-5. Between 1990 and 2003, he was responsible for the reform of the Romanian military, especially in relation to NATO, and worked on the Alliance’s structures as head of the Department of Education and Training. He is a Knight of the National Order “For Merit” in recognition of his contribution to Romania’s integration into NATO.

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