Young Buck gets into a fight with Avroman’s crew


Young buck

He enters into combat with the Afroman crew…

After examining the gut incorrectly

Afroman And Young buck Lately they’ve been at odds – and it’s gotten so ugly, hands are thrown…which leads to a whole uproar among their crew.

Insiders tell TMZ… that rapper G-Unit got into it last week with one of Afroman’s up-and-coming artists, Lil Suddy, at this place called The Zarati Shop in Abingdon, Virginia – where Afroman and co. They were scheduled to perform, and where YB was also performing.

We’re told after Buck walked off the stage and Afroman was getting ready to go out there… there was some kind of altercation in the VIP room that escalated into a fight between Sodi and Buck – and it took a lot of people to help break it up. on him.

Afroman took to social media to explain things from his point of view. The man claims that Young Buck walked into the VIP room – where he and Sode were – and appeared to be intoxicated. Not only that, but Froman says Buck was hurling profanities and being disrespectful… especially to Sodi.

Afroman says they tried to get Buck to leave them alone, but he claims he just kept going…and Afroman claims that Buck actually hit Sodi in the stomach…which apparently prompted Sodi to stop.

As you can see in our video, it took a while to separate the ends—Afroman wasn’t directly involved in the mix—and tensions were high in the room. Afroman came over the venue’s staff, who he said have the responsibility to better manage the buck and talent.

Now, Young Buck himself had words for Averman and his associates. After the fact…he kept mocking them and suggesting they could finish their business some other time, while also claiming he was just trying to show them love and they jumped on it.

Ofroman clearly didn’t want it to drag on – he posted a peace treaty and well wishes.

This episode ended with Buck/his crew getting off the property – thankfully, without the cops being called. We’ve reached out to Buck for comment…so far, no word.

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