“You’re putting on those kilos because you seem to have hormonal problems.” Unexpected warning received by Romanian woman who posted pictures from Greece

Friday, July 7, 2023, 9:50 p.m

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Food served on Greece Photo Facebook/ Forum Greece

Many Romanians post photos and recordings of their vacations online Greece.

A Romanian woman told a group dedicated to the holiday that she was most impressed during her holiday in Crete. It refers to the life of the Greeks Beaches And the diet remembers the accumulated extra kilos in the end.

“Every village had at least one tavern, one tavern, one church and one shop.

Eating or drinking the Greek coffee they prepared for me was priceless.

I’ve been to well-known beaches, organized Deck chairs, canopies and other crazy things, beaches with a few sunbeds, enjoying the sea under the shade of a tree, swimming in the sea and drinking coffee at the restaurant next door are priceless! As my friends say I’m leaving, but I promise I’ll see them again.

“I eat a good diet and I’ve only gained 5kg since the Crete experience!”

“I don’t want to talk about the food, I heard from friends that everything tastes different here, and that’s right!

Whether you like fine dining or small family restaurants where grandpa to grandkids work and yaya cooks in the kitchen, you’ll find it here, you just have to try it.

In general, I am not an easy person to please cooking, not to mention a foodie, and I have gained 5 kgs after the experience. lime!”

“Shall I tell you about the people?

Our hostess told me over an invitation to coffee and home-made cakes (I am very “skinny”) that once I crossed her threshold, I was no longer considered a guest, but a member of the family. I say that I have not suffered anywhere Greece Only Cretan delicacies, refrigerated meals and a vegetable garden are available.

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After such a vacation I am richer, I have beautiful memories, new friends and a wonderful mood.

This is what Greece is really about!”, he wrote Forum Greece.

“It sounds like you have a hormonal problem.”

A doctor’s comment slips into the usual comments in such posts, after drawing the editor’s attention that it would be good to do some tests, as he suggested.

“You put on those kilos just looking the way you are problems hormone. It doesn’t hurt to have your FT4, TSH, ATPO and more antithyroglobulin measured when you arrive in the country. It’s for beginners.”

“Thanks, I do that too! I have a food problem, I know how to deal with it at home..here’s the holiday,” replied the woman.

Despite his good intentions, some criticized him for this comment.

“Anything you’ve seen in the post, can you comment?”

“I say the lady will thank me if I do those tests. More than I appreciated her holiday in Crete,” he replied.

“I’ll do them, thank you! At home I have a healthy lifestyle that I’ve gotten away from and I’ve probably gained in a short period of time what I lost in 3 months because I didn’t use sugar…only I did here. .too much!”

“No one is denying advice on health. However, the context here has nothing to do with the topic of hormonal problems, while I believe that if the woman wants advice on nutrition / health, she can get it on specialized forums. Or from Expert field.”

“You are right. I am not a specialist. I asked to do those analyzes from my general culture as a tractor driver. Let’s end the topic already spamming,” replied the person who suggested the analyses. Let it be understood that he is a doctor.

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“It seems you still don’t understand that you’ve got the wrong context, not the information being conveyed recommendation Car services that can do their inspection on people who post that they went on holiday by car?!?!”.

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