YouTube is testing a ‘1080p Premium’ playback option

Some of my YouTube viewers have I mentioned seeing New video quality option in the website drop-down menu. In addition to the basic 1080p playback option, they’re also seeing another option called 1080p Premium with a note under it that says it offers “improved bit rate.” a spokesperson said the edge The site is testing the quality of the new video, which is currently available to “a small group of YouTube Premium subscribers.” They described it as “a bitrate-enhanced version of 1080p that delivers more information per pixel resulting in a higher quality viewing experience.” Also, the standard 1080p HD quality is supposed to be unchanged, which some people might not consider the good news YouTube sees.

Based on many comments on Reddit topic When discussing the test, viewers find the standard 1080p resolution on the website to be of poor quality. But a higher bit rate, used as a measure of the amount of video data transferred over a given time frame, could mean better pictures without the need to increase the resolution. like XDA Developers Notes, switching to 4K would give users access to better and clearer videos, but they would have to stream a much larger file that might cost them more or eat up more data allowance.

The enhanced 1080p option is just a test feature at this point, and YouTube may not agree to roll it out widely, ever. If it makes it out of beta, only viewers who pay for YouTube Premium will be able to access it. The subscription service will cost users $12 per month for an individual account or $23 per month for a family plan.

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