Zac Efron finally addresses the cause of a face transformation in 2021

Zac Efron finally put things right about his face transformation after one year Raising rumors about plastic surgery.

the actor Men’s health said In his October 2022 cover story, published on Wednesday, he said he broke his jaw while running around his house wearing socks.

Efron, 34, said he slipped, hit the corner of a fountain, lost consciousness and woke up with his “chin bone… hanging” across his face.

Amid the “High School Musical” star’s recovery, his facial muscles became “really too big” to compensate for the injury, so he worked with a physical therapist to combat their growth.

When Efron took a break in Australia, the masseur was [muscles] I just slept”, the former Disney Channel star, who was previously He broke his jaw in 2013With a shrug of my shoulder.

Zac Efron
The actor made headlines with his big jaw in April 2021.
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Fans first noticed Efron’s altered face in April 2021, leading to rumors that he had been under the knife.

The following month, his friend Kyle Sandilands He denied that Efron had done the work.

“It’s like getting a Picasso and drawing a kid’s finger on it,” Sandilands quipped on the radio show “The Kyle and Jackie O” in May 2021. … I will know if he has had any plastic surgery.”

Zac Efron
He explained to Men’s Health that the injury was caused by a broken jaw.
Photo by Tori Lilligraven

It was Efron’s mother, Starla Baskett, who guided her son to plastic surgery speculation, as he chose to stay away from social media.

The “17 Again” star didn’t appear to be upset, telling Men’s Health, “If I value what other people think of me to the point they might think I do, I certainly wouldn’t be able to do that job.”

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Efron described more injuries elsewhere in the interview, from a dislocated shoulder and a ruptured ACL to a broken wrist and back damage, although those occurred while he was training.

While the “hairspray” star now has a routine of mindfulness exercises, stretching and self-massage, She worked strictly while filming “Baywatch”.

Zac Efron
The “Baywatch” star described his struggles with insomnia, depression and agoraphobia.
Photo by Tori Lilligraven

Efron told the magazine that the experience led to “dark depression” and “insomnia,” explaining that the 2017 film “burned out.” [him] Outside.”

The “Down to Earth with Zac Efron” star, who didn’t feel better until six months after filming wrapped, recalls, “I had a hard time coming back. In the end, they took too many diuretics for too long, and something messed up” .

Efron notes that he also suffers from agoraphobia.

“I just don’t go out,” he said, calling “people in large groups” a “trigger” for his anxiety disorder, which is characterized by an intense fear of entering crowded places.

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