Zachary Levi says they are both Shazam! Big blockbusters appearing in films have been “thwarted” by outside forces

Zachary Levi

Let’s be clear: at any given time, in his own country Various recent comments on social media On his superhero movie treatment Shazam!And And its sequel, is still in theaters Wrath of the GodsDoes star Zachary Levi use the words “Dwayne” or “Rock” or “Johnson”. Levi does not mention it very clearly Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson not even once, even as he has repeatedly asserted — including while addressing a recent repost of an article alleging Johnson sabotaged the post-credits scene in Wrath of the Gods By banning Hawkman (Aldis Hodge) and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell) from appearing in it – and that he doesn’t “blame” anyone for the film’s lackluster performance at the box office. (Except for the bad marketing.)

So “blame” is over. But “abort”? Oh, Zachary Levi is so happy to talk about “Frustration.” The man has practically gone mad.

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This is it For every Instagram video Levi’s post yesterday, in which he confirmed that the Shazamily family has, yes, been thwarted in their plans to carve out the now-big superheroes not just once, but twice. “They’re thwarted,” he said, in the first film, which infamously ended with a “cameo” from Superman stopping firmly at the neck. It wasn’t the plan, Levy asserts, but the effort to get Henry Cavill to shoot the cameo over and over was a “w”. And then, wouldn’t you know it, they were thwarted again for Wrath of the Godsjust three days before the post-credits sequence was to be filmed, meaning that Jennifer Holland and Steve Agee of peace maker Instead of that.

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Levy goes further in naming people no Blame for these failures, including Holland’s husband, James Gunn, as well as DC Films co-president Peter Safran, Shazam! Director David F. Sandberg, and former longtime DC Films head Walter Hamada. It’s not actually clear what powerful villain he could be Leave To do all these fails – although, oddly enough, Levi didn’t mention Dwayne Johnson even once in the video! Levy ends the video by saying, “I just come to stand up for the truth.” “The truth is good. We must all live in it.”

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