Zelda Speedrunner beats Kingdom Tears in less than an hour

Photo: Nintendo Live/Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom came out less than a month ago and it looks like the fast runners have already improved their times exponentially.

After a story about one individual completing the game in just 94 minutes of release, Speedrunner ‘Zdi’ has now managed to beat the Breath of the Wild sequel (on “Any%” on v1.1.1) in just 59 minutes and 22 seconds. Apparently, she’s a full three minutes faster than the previous world record holder and again, just under an hour!

You can watch it all in action in the video below, but keep in mind that there are story and spoilers for the finale. More than half of the run is actually just a sprinter advancing through the Great Sky Island starting section. Moreover, there are tricks in playing with weapons – allowing Link to move faster on the ground.

So, there you go – if you have an hour to spare, Kingdom Tears is an easy way to beat it. Of course, we’re just kidding! The scale in Link’s new outing is absolutely massive, and unless you’re a seasoned speed runner who enjoys racing against time, you’ll likely take months to complete just one game.

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