Zelensky is one step away from being assassinated by his own people. Security officials in his group conspired with Putin

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Volodymyr Zelensky. Photo: Profimedia Images

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was one step away from being assassinated by his own people. The two suspects knew, after all, what they were giving the Russians, as Ukraine’s secret services co-opted two security officers who allegedly leaked valuable information such as the Russian special services and the leader’s routes from Kiev.

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Alexandra Dinu, TG24 journalist: According to The Times, intelligence officers from Kiev monitored the activities of two colonels from the Ukrainian security service. This is how they discovered that the first colonel had been recruited and infiltrated Ukraine since 2014, and then took another colleague under his wing.

The duo’s plan was to kill President Zelensky and the head of Ukrainian intelligence, and they also planned the assassination. They would have bought kamikaze drones and anti-personnel mines. The roads the two leaders were going to take and the routes they were going to take were traced on their phones.

Upon receiving evidence of their betrayal, Ukrainian authorities arrested them. They searched their homes and tried to find out what they knew and what information they might have sent to the Russians. They discovered that they were receiving three thousand dollars a month from Russia’s Federal Security Service in exchange for information from inside the Ukrainian services.

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