Zelensky: “Russia will lose the war if Ukraine’s counteroffensive succeeds”

In an interview with American journalists, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Russia is waging a desperate war against Ukraine’s counteroffensive.

Volodymyr Zelensky told NBC News that Russia is fighting a desperate battle against Ukraine’s counteroffensive because if Moscow loses this battle, it will ultimately lose the war.

“Our brave people, our frontline troops are facing very tough resistance. Because for Russia, I would say that if it loses this campaign in Ukraine, it will really lose the war,” Zelenskiy said. NBC News.

Also, the President of Ukraine admitted that the news from the front is “generally positive, but it is very difficult.”

Zelenskiy acknowledged that US politicians would cut military aid to his country “a big risk for Ukraine,” but the Kiev leader believes that will not happen.

Zelensky: “If Russia invades Ukraine, it will go to the Baltic countries, to Poland, to any NATO country”

While former US President Donald Trump said he would end the war immediately, when he complained about aid spending, he did not explain how. His main rival, Ron DeSantis, the current governor of Florida, pushed back on comments that downplayed the war as a “territorial dispute” in which the United States “shouldn’t embroil itself further.”

So, Zelensky said, if Russia defeats Ukraine, it could turn to a neighboring NATO ally, risking a wider world war because of the alliance’s mutual security clause.

“Are they willing to start a war to send their children? Are they willing to die? If Russia invades Ukraine, it will move to the Baltic countries, to Poland, to any NATO country, and in this case, America to choose between getting rid of NATO or fighting,” Zelensky said when asked about Trump and DeSantis. NBC News reported.

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