2022 NFL Scouting Combine Day 4 Takeaways: Lewis Cine claims to be first-round pick, Cornbacks trip

Sunday’s 2022 NFL Team Scouts finished off with their defensive backs and special teams on the field. Attention is turning to NFL visits and professional days as the 2022 NFL Draft quickly approaches.

Here are some points from Sunday’s work:

40 yards high dash turns into a track meet

Baylor’s Calon Barnes (4.23sec) and Texas-San Antonio’s Tariq Wolin (4.26sec) were twice as fast as ever with a defensive back in the combine. Barnes’ time was the second-fastest at any location behind John Ross at 4.21 seconds and 40 yards. Woolen also had a 42-inch vertical jump, popping all of the defenses.

For a closer look at Barnes’ Day as well as the 40 fastest times in each set, click here.

Stingley’s absence may have opened the door

With LSU’s Derek Stingley Jr choosing not to perform, it provided the opportunity for others to assert their claims as a qualified quarterback to participate in the 2022 NFL Draft. Trent McDuffy of Washington looked fluid during field exercises. Cincinnati’s Ahmed Gardner adjusted his 40-yard dash time to officially 4.41 seconds, which is great for the prospect who measured at 6-foot-3.

Gardner and McDuffie are often the two possibilities that are mentioned as being in the same stratosphere as Stingley. Stingley’s absence may have opened the door for some change in the clicking order.

Cinema, and other vaults respond to criticism in a big way

Notre Dame’s Kyle Hamilton is seen as the best safe in the class, but there have been concerns about the talent that would be available in the position after him. Few prospects responded to this criticism in a big way. The Lewis Cine Georgia safety tested off the charts with a 4.38-second 40-yard lunge, 36.5-inch vertical jump and 11-foot-1-inch wide jump. Duxton Hill of Michigan ran 4.43 seconds to 40 yards. Hill, a former 5-star recruit, adds depth to the high end of this safety class.

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Penn State’s Jaquan Brisker also performed admirably. The odds are good that one of these three players will be the second safe off the board.

Special teams in sports tests

San Diego State Gambler/Kicker Matt Ariza sees a diverse and dynamic perspective. It definitely showed how powerful his leg was in the combination.

Three players—Georgia Pontier Jake Camarda, Jordan Stout and Ariza, of Penn State, ran under a 4.70sec and 40-yard dash. Camarda leads the group with a time of 4.56 seconds.

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