2023 NCAA Men’s Tournament: Live Rounds Recap of the Playoffs

2023 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Swimming and Diving Championship

The team scores during Day 3

  1. Kcal – 315
  2. Arizona – 302
  3. Texas – 292
  4. Indiana – 259
  5. Florida – 251
  6. North Carolina State – 246.5
  7. Tennessee -144
  8. Stanford – 112.5
  9. Auburn/Virginia Tech – 96
  10. Favorite
  11. Louisville – 71
  12. Virginia – 67
  13. Texas A&M – 65
  14. Ohio State – 54.5
  15. Georgia – 53

The final day of competition in the 2023 NCAA Men’s Championship is here, and going into the last final session, team scores are tight. Cal leads but only 13 points ahead of Arizona who has Texas on its tail, just 10 points behind.

But, before the finals, we have the distance session where four out of five freestyle qualifiers compete in the 1650. The fastest heat will swim in the finals, but anyone from the previous heats also has a chance to win the event or place in the top 16 and score points.

1650 free hot plates

Junior Ohio Charlie Clark Auburn is a sophomore Mason Mathias They are the first two seeds in that fourth and fastest heat. Clark finished eighth last season by shooting down a lifetime best time of 14:35.38. He was within six seconds of that season and coming off strong in seventh place in the 1500 at the 2022 World Short Course Championships. Matthias had a season-best time in the 500 Free preliminary on day two and eventually finished 15th in the finals as Clarke finished in 25.

Watch out for North Carolina Ross Dant, in the second lane. The senior placed third in the event last season and has a lifetime best time of 14:31, but he hasn’t swum under 14:40 so far this season.

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1650 Freestyle Timed Finals – Slower qualifying

  • NCAA Record: 14:12.08 – Bobby FinkFlorida (2020)
  • Meet record: 14:12.52 – Bobby FinkFlorida (2021)
  • American Record: 14:12.08 – Bobby FinkFlorida (2020)
  • US Open Record: 14:12.08 – Bobby FinkFlorida (2020)
  • Rally Record: 14:24.43 – Anton Epson, NC State (2018)
  • 2022 Champion: Bobby FinkFL – 14:22.28

Top 8:

  1. Ross Dent, NC State – 14:30.32
  2. Jack Hoagland, Notre Dame – 14:38.64
  3. Charlie Clark, Ohio State – 14:41.43
  4. Lucas Hanfo, Cal – 14:44.14
  5. Alfonso Meester, FL – 14:44.50
  6. Owen Lloyd, NC State – 14:46.16
  7. Alec Ennert, TX – 14:47.13
  8. Daniel Matheson, Arizona State University – 14:48.21

In heat one, fifth year from Texas Alex Zettel It was a comfortable lead at the 500-yard mark which continued to build. It seemed like a race to lose even Yordan Yanchev FSU caught him with just 100 yards to go. They were close over the final fifty and Yanchev blasted into the wall to take the win in 14:56.18, just 18 ahead of Zettle in a second (14:56.36). This was a big swim for Yanchev who had never broken a 15:00 before and had an earlier lifetime best of 15:08.13. Both Zettle and Julian Hill Of ASU who finished third had best times of 14:57.

There was some Florida distance magic on display in heat two as a senior Alfonso Meester Setting the pace, build a four-second lead at the 500-yard mark. He held strong until the 1000 when he slowed down a bit, slipping to 27 in the middle of the splits in all 50. His lead was still unbeatable and Mestre took first place with a time of 14:44.50, followed by his new teammate. Geo Lyncher who finished second (14:48.63). Mestre finished 10th in the event last year (14:39.82).

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Heat three saw the first sub 14:40 of the day when it was Notre Dame Jack Hoagland He hit the wall first in 14:38.64, smashing his season’s best time by 10 seconds. cal Lucas Hanfu He finished second in the heat (14:44.14). While Hoagland took control of the race relatively early on, Henveaux showed some impressive finishing speed with a blast of 25.98 in the final 50. For context, Hoagland finished the race in 26.37.

Ross Dant He made a strong lead into heat four and, at the halfway point, was well ahead of his pace from last year which had earned him third place. He held strong and hit the wall first with a lifetime best time of 14:30.32, a time that would have earned him second place to the US Olympian. Bobby Fink last year. Dant might give a whole new meaning to tonight’s “smoke out” if his time puts him atop the podium – winning from track two and winning outside the heats. He has a solid shot at that, too. First seed tonight Levi Sand It was entered with a time of 14:31.47.

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