2D Prince of Persia gets a slick trailer after backlash over the character

Ubisoft’s livestream of Summer Game Fest Bonanza revealed a slew of in-game screenshots from the new 2D Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. We also gave us more time to love the game’s new Prince design Which somehow managed to generate controversy.

This surprise dates back to the 2d format of Prince Fares It was revealed during Thursday night’s Summer Geoff Fest stream, but today we saw a whole bunch of it, including some awesome power moves we’ll be playing with.

Prince Fares Originally released in 1989, it created a team led by Jordan Mechner. After a series of blows, the franchise made a triumphant comeback in 2003 in a stunning way The sands of timefollowed by Slightly diminishing returns warrior within And two thrones. Then things went a little sluggish, with an even more divisive 2008 reboot and a smaller group PoP games, Forgotten Sands. But since 2010, the poor prince hasn’t been able to get a new toy out of the house.

remake of The sands of time he have Notorious failure to appearflitting between Ubisoft’s studios, extending and extending its release date, eventually totally pulled out. this It made it even more surprising that besides all of that, there was something else entirely PoP The game was in the works, though It looks like it could be great.


There were also a lot of angry people on the Internet who were angry in response to the snapshots because, As a species, we fear change. like VGC mentionedThe first trailer received waves of hate across multiple uploads, with Dislikes outweigh likes by more than twice.

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Funnily enough, some of the complaints have been that it’s not “real” Prince Fares Game Because it is not 3D. Ah, the guilt of youth. The others are upset that the prince has a new look Therefore, he is not the right prince of their hearts. Except as brilliantly pointed out by series creator Mechner, the Prince has been heavily redesigned in almost every game in the franchise.

This promising new entry is due in January 18, 2024, but since it’s A.J ubisoft game, We can expect it sometime in the year of Space 30X7.

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