44 MEPs directly accuse Hungary of backing Russia in war with Ukraine

The 44 MEPs from Romania, members of the Renew Europe, EPP and S&D groups, have written an open letter to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban condemning his support for Russia. This country is at war with Ukraine.

During negotiations with the European Council, Hungary opposed sanctions against Russia, citing the need to buy Russian oil as an alternative to the Adriatic pipeline, but MEPs blamed Arban. The letter warned that “the exemption you have received for Russian oil through the pipeline will continue to finance Russia’s war crimes against Ukraine.”

Furthermore, the MEPs added that the removal of the patriotic grill by Hungary from the list of permitted persons “rallies support for the heinous crime of killing Ukrainian people, including innocent children.”

The signatories of the letter call on the Prime Minister of Hungary – the leader of the EU member state (still recovering from the wounds inflicted by the Soviet dictatorship) – to maintain European unity. “We urge you to stand on the right side of history with the Hungarian people who have clear solidarity with Ukraine. We urge you to behave like a true European,” the MEPs wrote to Victor Orban.

Letter of MEPs, in full:

Letter to PM Orban.14.06.2022 (1)

“The Prime Minister of Hungary, Victor Orban

June 14, 2022, Brussels

Dear Prime Minister Victor Orban,

As Members of the European Parliament we are following the Council of Europe’s negotiations on the adoption of the Sixth Sanctions against Russia, we do not understand your actions in delaying the process, dividing the status of the EU and weakening the sanctions against Russia. . When the democratic world is united in support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, we expect your government to do the same. On the contrary, we have seen the unfortunate prioritization of national economic gain and personal political interests to the detriment of the lives of the Ukrainian people.

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We regret that your government is not prepared to consider the Adriatic Pipeline in the Adriatic Sea as an alternative to meeting Hungary’s oil demand. The exemption for Russian oil pipelines will continue to finance Russia’s war crimes against Ukraine. At your last-minute persuasion, patriots like Grill, who was removed from the EU sanctions list, will continue to rally support for crimes that unfortunately kill Ukrainian people, including innocent children.

The European Union was created to promote peace, cooperation and solidarity. It is this unity that the EU and its member states are emerging stronger than ever in overcoming crises. We hope this will continue even after this terrible war. Ukraine is Europe. Ukraine must seek our full support, including expeditious implementation of pro-European reforms and the defense of democracy and European values ​​against Russian tyranny. Therefore, as the leader of the EU member state, which is still recovering from the injuries caused by the Soviet dictatorship, we invite you to maintain European unity. We ask that you place yourself on the right side of history with the Hungarian people who have clear solidarity with Ukraine. We ask you to behave like a real European.


Petras Auštrevičius, Renewal Europe, Lithuania

Michael Gahler, EPP, Germany

Isabel Santos, S&D, Portugal

Thomas Waits, Greens / EFA, Austria

Eugen Tomac, EPP, Romania

Monica Semedo, Renew Europe, Luxembourg

Helmut Kuiking, EPP, Germany

Olivier Chastel, Renew Europe, Belgium

Radosław Sikorski, EPP, Poland

Georgios Kyrtsos, Renewal Europe, Greece

Krzysztof Hetman, EPP, Poland

Martin Hosjík, Renew Europe, Slovakia

Andrius Kubilius, EPP, Lithuania

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Ioan-Dragos Tudorache, Renew Europe, Romania

Ljudmila Novak, EPP, Slovenia

Karin Karlsbro, Update Europe, Sweden

Marek Paweł Balt, S&D, Poland

Nicolae Ștefănuśă, Renew Europe, Romania

Evan Stefanek, EPP, Slovakia

Luis Carrigano, Renew Europe, Spain

Klemen Grošelj, Renewal Europe, Slovenia

Vladimir Bilčík, EPP, Slovakia

Barry Andrews, Renew Europe, Ireland

Thieves Rioton, S&D, Netherlands

Rasa Zuknevichenk, EPP, Lithuania

Hilde Whatmans, Renew Europe, Belgium

Ramona-Victoria Strugariu, Renew Europe, Romania

Michal Šimeka, Renew Europe, Slovakia

Vlad Gheorghe, Renew Europe, Romania

Aušra Maldeikienė, EPP, Lithuania

Ivars Ijabs, Renew Europe, Latvia

Christophe Grudler, Renew Europe, France

Juozas Olekas, S&D, Lithuania

Bernard Gutta, Renew Europe, France

Alexander Jordanov, EPP, Bulgaria

Michal Wiezik, Renew Europe, Slovakia

Carles Puigdemont, NA, Spain

Lucia uriš Nicholsonová, Renew Europe, Slovakia

Anthony Camin, NA, Spain

Roberts Jill, ECR, Latvia

Morten Petersen, Renew Europe, Denmark

Days Melbourde, ECR, Latvia

Bart Crutois, Renew Europe, Netherlands

Karen Melchior, Renew Europe, Denmark ”

Photo source: Victor Orban / Facebook

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