A 13-year-old Romanian boy forgot he was 14 when he beat up taxi drivers and robbed them in Austria.

Two attacks on taxi drivers in Kronstorf (Linz-Land) and Pettenbach near Kirchdorf were extensively published by the Austrian press last year: a young Romanian (13 years old) and his partner of the same age, both from a care facility, killed both drivers (72 and 55 years old) hurt, stole taxis and took them on foot. They then vandalized cars and broke radios. Their reason, according to investigations: boredom.

The policemen’s hands were tied, the young men were not yet at the age of criminal responsibility, and they calculated correctly: “We knew nothing would happen to us”, said the Romanian.

However, in January, he forgot that he had celebrated his 14th birthday a few weeks earlier. Along with a much older accomplice (35 years old), he allegedly went to his apartment together with a highly intoxicated young man from Linz (29 years old), assaulted him with a brass knuckles and an iron chain, and stole the victim’s smartphone. And wallet.

In court, both the Romanian boy and the 35-year-old denied the attack. But, the source writes, justice seems to have awaited the Romans. He was sentenced to one year in prison, of which he had to serve four months.

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