A blow given by two husbands from Suceava after bringing the harvest from Spain. They produce hundreds of kilograms, and one is sold for 50 li


Asparagus can be a thriving business. Two husbands from Suceava, who went abroad to work, are farming online with their family members in Romania. Asparagus was imported and planted on Romanian soil. The harvest in the first years reaches 400 kilograms, but in subsequent years it can exceed 2-3 tons. Vegetables are very healthy, but they are not really cheap, 50 lei per kilogram in shops.

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Diana and Kasmin Simpanu have been working abroad in agriculture since 2010. Learned all about asparagus crops in Germany. In recent years they have convinced Kazmin’s father to replace wheat and corn with asparagus in Suceava. And online counseling is effective.

The culture covers one hectare and the investment is 15 thousand euros

Ionel Simphanu, farmer: I bought it online in 2019 and he found it on IC and sent a thousand asparagus bulbs.

Kasmin Simpanu, farmer: This variety is from Holland. If it’s sunny, nice, warm weather, we’ve got produce too. This year we harvested every day. Last year, one day yes, three no, it depends on the needs, who wanted asparagus, friends, acquaintances.

Diana Simphanu, Farmer: Next year we plan to plant one or two more hectares. We are already looking for land.

The harvest now reaches 300 – 400 kilograms per year. Farmers are selling at 36 lei per kg as compared to shops that charge 20 lei or 40-50 lei per kg.

Kasmin Simphanu, Farmer: I said that in ten years, as long as we have this plantation, we will cover our expenses. In two or three years, 6-8 tons can be harvested from one hectare of asparagus.

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The culture is demanding, so the high price is justified

Bulbs are planted once every 10 years, and the first harvest comes only after two years. Once broken, the plant will need a few days to regenerate and grow again. But the taste is priceless. Known for its nutritional properties, asparagus should be cooked with great care. It should not boil for more than three minutes.

Daniel Sahlien, chef: After cooking, we take it out and put it in ice water to preserve its color and properties. I put some butter and garlic in the pan. And we add a little olive oil. We fry them a little in a pan. It is simple and accessible to everyone.

It can be used in salads, complex dishes or consumed as a snack.

Daniel Sahlien, chef: For breakfast with scrambled eggs. With risotto or with beef, fish, chicken, all kinds of meat.

Daniela Bălănuc, Nutritionist: Asparagine in the structure of asparagus helps the body’s cell regeneration. It is high in antioxidants. It helps maintain the health of the digestive tract, but also the health of the immune system.

Annually, we import 600 tonnes of asparagus, while the cultivated area in our country has reached 170 hectares, according to INS data.

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